The first link reports that scientists in Britain and other nations are examining how much they dare tell the public about how far genetic animal-human experimentation is being implemented in secret labs. Notice that the link’s report does not examine whether such human-animal genetic mixing should be done. It is intended to “establish guidelines for scientists…on how far the public is prepared to see them go in mixing human genes into animals… (emphasis added).” In other words, they are trying to determine what the public can be told about the nature of these chimera mixtures of creatures being created in labs and what will have to be hid from public scrutiny. This does imply that if the public knew the full extent of the human-animal experimentations being done behind closed doors, they would be outraged and would demand that lawmakers stop these genetic-mixing projects…and the scientists don’t want their secret lab experiments to be limited by any new laws. 
What we already know about the man-made creation of chimera-type creations in labs is scary enough. The second link reports a South Korea lab has used genetic mutation methods to create dogs with glowing red abdomens. Many such chimera examples can be found in a websearch. The third link is one of my previous posts about a British media report that US scientists have manufactured human embryos in labs that were made from three parents, and that at least thirty human beings have been conceived via genetic modification. I don’t know about you, but I think “Round-Up Ready Soybeans” and genetically-modified foods were barriers that should not have been crossed as no one knows the long-term effects of putting genetically-altered substances into the human food chain. However, I think making genetically-modified human beings is “way over the line.”
The fourth link was a post I did in 2007 that Bible prophecy indicates that the manufacturing of chimera species may be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy about the latter days–specifically Jesus Christ’s prophecy in Matthew 24:37 that the latter days would mirror the pre-Flood civilization of Noah’s time that God chose to obliterate in the Deluge. That post also notes that the book of Jasher (affirmed in the Bible as once being a canonical book but not admitted to the current biblical canon) states that mankind’s “mixing of animals of one species with the other” in the pre-Flood world was one factor in God deciding to annihilate life on the earth except for Noah’s family and the animals they carried with them on the Ark. The fact that pre-Flood mankind had also mastered the ability to map animal species’ genomes and do DNA-slicing under microscopes to develop chimera species argues that pre-Flood mankind had to have the same sophisticated laboratory technology that mankind has today! Since you cannot “mix the species” via normal matings, it can only be done with “test-tube technology.” Pre-Flood mankind had to have the same technology.
Combining Jasher 4:18 with Genesis 6 allows for some startling possibilities. Genesis 6:9 states Noah was “perfect in his generations (emphasis added).” Combining this statement with Jasher 4:18 argues that by the time of Noah, perhaps only Noah and his family were unpolluted in their individual DNA backgrounds. Perhaps animal-human hybridizations and mixings had gone much further than mere animal species-mixing in the pre-Flood world. The language of Genesis 7:9 states that the animals and birds that entered the ark came “unto Noah into the ark,” indicating it was God who selected which males and females of each species were to be allowed to enter the ark. Nothing entered the ark which did not pass God’s personal DNA inspection. Only God could see each animal’s DNA to see if it was a pure Genesis “kind” animal made by God in Genesis 1:11-31 or whether it was a chimera species with polluted cross-bred DNA inside it. The Deluge was at least partially sent by God to kill off all chimera species (animal-animal and animal-human mixes) that were on the face of the earth. Combining Jasher 4 and Genesis 6 makes it clear that the Creator God is especially angered by human efforts to mix up the species he created on the earth. God “changes not” (Malachi 3:6) so what angered God in the pre-Flood civilization will also anger him today. With each new “advance” in genetic mixing and modification of animals and humans that is done in modern labs, mankind is provoking God to greater anger. At some point he will intervene and mankind will be as terrified as it will be surprised as mankind has been duped into thinking all the incredible complexity of life on earth came into being by evolutionary accidents. Modern mankind in the western world has forgotten God not only exists but rules over the entire Universe.
Interestingly, cable-TV programs can be seen which mention that odd new kinds of animals and creatures are being sighted around the USA and various teams are hunting for them. Some infra-red moving pictures and videos of unknown creatures have been aired on these programs. Could it be that some of the genetic hybrids periodically escape from breeding labs or are deliberately released to see how they will function in the wild?
Back to the first link. Those scientists debating how much to tell the masses about the results of their secret genetic experimentations are forgetting the greatest question of all. They should be asking whether the Creator God approves of their efforts or not. Someday in the future, they will wish they had done so.