Mr. Collins,

How good it was to hear you on Tamar Yonah show.. I have been a listener and a friend of  Tamar’s for a couple years. As I told Tamar years ago.. I am of Cherokee heritage and I’ve had my DNA done a couple years ago,, It surprisingly told me my root heritage was from the near East of Hebrew line. I was born on my Grandmother Swiming Deer’s birthday had the privilege of hearing many of her peoples stories.. She was born June 25, 1873. She repeatedly told me stories of how her people was here before the white man. She being born in Kentucky,  knew her people came up from the south many years before she was born.. My Grandmother knew beyond a doubt she was Cherokee but also knew her tribe came from a country far away long before her Grandfathers was born.
A couple interesting facts..

1. she told me to name my first born son Am-Arron (I understand this is a Hebrew name) that was her great uncles name.

2. also she told me if I had any sons to have them circumcised, as I did.  (I had just told this to Tamar a couple weeks ago.) There is many many other interesting facts whe relayed to me..
In studying I have found many similarities in stories she told me and  Hebrew history..
Your show with Tamar really help to validated my history.. contact me if you like.

Thank you.
Teresa Gaul

Dear Teresa,
Thank you very much for contacting me about the Tamar Yonah program and I very much appreciate hearing about the Hebrew aspects of the Cherokee customs. The linkage between Hebrew/Jewish customs and Cherokee practices has not been generally appreciated and it gives a whole new dimension to the history of early America. I do have a follow-up question for you. Are the similarities between Cherokee practices and Hebrew customs unique to just the Cherokee tribe or were those similarities also present among the other tribes linked to Cherokee confederation (the Choctaw, Creek, Seminole and Chickasaw)?  I would appreciate learning more about other Hebrew practices found among the Cherokee people.
You have good knowledge on this subject and I’d like to share it with visitors to my website.