Mr. Collins:

Thought you would be interested in this if you haven’t already seen it.
A7News: Russia-Iran Naval Maneuvers Begin in Caspian Sea


Thanks for sending me this news item from Israel National News which reports that Russia and Iran are conducting joint naval exercises on the Caspian Sea. While this exercise would necessarily involve small craft (as none of their major warships could be present on an inland sea not connected to an ocean), the exercise will enable the Russian and Iranian navies to work out the details of how their naval vessels can merge their tactics, command and communications systems, etc. The lessons they learn on the small craft on the Caspian Sea are easily transferable to the large warships of the Russian and Iranian navies.
This action to integrate their military forces’ ability to work in unison is further confirmation of the prophecy in Ezekiel 38 that Russia and Iran will be allies (along with China and many other nations) in a latter-day alliance which will eventually attack the USA and the nations of the modern western world. The modern nations of the western world are, obviously, not given in the prophecy as the Bible identifies all modern nations by their ancient biblical names. If you have not done so yet, I urge you to listen to my latest audio tape on this subject which was delivered to a live church audience in Sioux Falls this month. It is entitled “The USA in Bible Prophecy” and you can click on the crawler text at my home page to listen to it. A longer, more in-depth article on the same subject is also available at my home page.
Thanks again for sending this item!