In a story largely mostly ignored by American establishment media, Canadian Prime Minister Harper visited Israel recently and cemented strong ties with the Israeli nation. He and his wife had a very amicable visit with the Netanyahu family, and Harper was even given the remarkable honor of addressing the Israeli Knesset. Harper came across as decidedly pro-Israeli in his visit, apparently infuriating leftist Israeli media who all but boycotted the visit in their coverage. Harper reportedly refused to make criticisms of Israeli policies when given the chance to do so. The links provided give two viewpoints about the visit (the first link is an Israeli viewpoint and the second link is from American internet media).

Three cheers for PM Harper and for Canada for standing with the Israelis! As readers of my books and articles (and those who have listened to my audio messages) know, this visit represented the support of one of the modern nations of the Israelite tribe of Ephraim to the nation of the modern tribe of Judah.  

This visit represented the cementing of the Israeli nation with the western nations who are called the nations of the “house of Israel” or “Israel” in Ezekiel 38-39. It is the western (“Israelite”) nations which will eventually be attacked by the eastern-bloc “Gog Magog” alliance at the very end of our age. God is not going to forsake the Israelis (“Judah”) in that future war (Zechariah 12 and 14), and he will not forsake the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel either (Ezekiel 38:20-39:16).

The Israelis are not without allies. This post documents Canada as a strong friend of Israel. A previous post included a link that the Egyptian and Israeli militaries were working more closely than ever before. Many previous posts have documented that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Sunni Arab nations are being increasingly driven by necessity into an alliance against the Iranians. Germany is a major arms-supplier for Israel. India and Israel have had many joint cooperation projects. Also, in spite of US President Obama’s animus against Netanyahu and the Israelis, the American people and the US Congress are very strongly pro-Israel. Count me among the American people who are strongly pro-Israeli. President Obama had better be careful about his anti-Israeli attitudes if a major war breaks out in the Mideast. The American Congress will do what their constituents want them to do in such a case as they will want to safeguard their own seats above all else. If Obama doesn’t strongly back Israel in a major war and/or crisis and with the American people clamoring for strong US action to support Israel, a worst-case scenario is that the already unpopular Obama could be impeached in the House of Representatives in the morning, convicted in the Senate in the afternoon and out of office by evening. You’d be surprised how quickly Congress can act when they know their own seats are in great danger if they leave an anti-Israeli president in office during a major crisis in the Mideast when the American public is fiercely demanding strong pro-Israeli intervention.