Even as relationships between the Israelis and the USA have been strained (to say the least) during President Obama’s administration, it should be noted that relationships between Canada and the Israelis have never been better. Indeed, Canada’s and Israel’s Defense Ministers had a very warm meeting recently and, as one link below states, they “refused…. to rule out a mutual-defence agreement that would oblige Canada to come to Israel’s defence should the latter be attacked.” That would be a very significant step if such a defense pact became a reality. Another link below reports that Canada was the only nation that stood with Israel in a vote taken by the UN Human Rights Panel. Canada is even issuing a stamp which commemorates its friendship with the Israeli nation. What do you think the odds are of the USA issuing such a stamp during Obama’s presidency?

I’ll bet the Israelis are hoping for a GOP victory in the November US elections so US-Israeli relations can revert to their previously very warm status. Given that Zechariah 12:3 allows for the possibility that all nations on earth could abandon the modern house of Judah (the Israelis/Jews), it is heartwarming and encouraging to see that some nations do still firmly stand as allies of the Israelis. I have little doubt that God will bless Canada for this action. As readers of my books and articles know, I identify Canada as one of the modern “company of nations” (Genesis 48:19) that comprise the modern Israelite tribe of Ephraim.

I wish to thank a reader for bringing these links to my attention. They are well worth passing on to readers of this blog.