Hi steve…

I was reading your blog about Jordan building nuke sites…But what the media does not tell you is that the leaders of Iran believe that they have to make trouble to hurry the return of there prophet …They believe that there has to be war..  and that they have to do everything they can to make everything fall apart…The media keeps talking about missle shields ect…and a nuke umbrella to pertect the middle east…but what people do not understand is the leaders of Iran do not care if they get nuked are die…they believe that no matter what… they have to use the weapons to bring back there leader from a watering hole…they have even built a road for him to ride on when he comes back…and I read in a resent interview with a western interviewer that 3rd in command says that he speaks with the prophet everyday in his house.. not praying! Actually talking to a spirit..now to allow a leader that talks to people that are dead and believes that things most fall apart and that they have to hurry it up to have nukes should really scare the hell out of anyone…now you see why the Jews are so fired up…you never hear about how nuts those leader are in Iran…I heard this from Dick Morris on fox news…now you know the Jews know this…I know the American people are fed up with war…and fighting two wars that ..and one is hopeless…but this Iranian problem might take more then just air power alone…if so many nuke sites are hidden…boots might have to be on the ground… on foot looking for these nuke sites…its life are death for more then just Israel…I ask everyone to pray for this country and for Israel…the west just does not get how evil this Magog-Gog group is…I hope and prey that God wakes up the western leaders before its to late.
Scott M

You are correct. The media rarely ever discusses the claims by Iranian leaders that they are in some kind of spiritual contact with their supposed Shiite “messiah” called the “hidden imam” (I think). When dealing with such leaders, the West should not put much faith in the idea that reasonsonable actions or responses can be expected from such leaders. I have also read reports that Iran’s leaders believe they need to cause a great global conflagration for their “messiah” to come. If so, Iran may actually be trying to create the circumstances which will cause the West to have no choice but to strike Iranian nuclear facilities–starting a conflagration. Of course, that is still a better alternative for the West than waiting and allowing Iran to start a conflagration with its nuclear weapons.
If these reports are true about Iranian leaders communing with spirits, then we have what the Bible would compare to a “witch of Endor” situation (I Samuel 28). The Bible indicates that national leaders who consult mediums or spiritists (instead of God or God’s prophets) bring severe curses on themselves as it is a major sin of idolatry to take such action. It is worth pointing out that leaders of Israelite nations who take such action are especially “under judgment” from God as these nations have the Bible and should know better. Saul died soon after consulting a medium in I Samuel 28. My book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower (see p. 99), also records a little known fact that the final emperor of Parthia, like Saul, consulted a medium or “channeler” (in modern terms) just before a critical battle. Parthia’s great empire, which had lasted for centuries, collapsed soon after their emperor committed this sin. American and Western leaders who govern the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of Israel (and Parthia) ought to take warning about these precedents.