Dear Mr. Collins,

My name is Ralph Wilms from the Netherlands.

Through searching by google i came across your website, and i wanne thank you for your great resources and books on the anglo Israel view..

Sinds a few weeks iam studying about British Israel and The Ten Tribes,
and i saw your book that you have written on this import subject named:

The Lost Ten Tribes…Found!

My question is; can i order this book (The Lost Ten Tribes…Found!) from you, because i really want to study your book on this subject and iam sure your book will be a good tool for.

Iam much limited with my finances but i still hope to order and pay for it.

If you have a copy left, can you please let me know how the total price is incl. postage (which i think is between the $10 and $12,-)

By the way, do you have any plans for a revisted new edition/version ?

I hope that you mayby can help me with it.

May the Lord God bless you with your ministry and the proclamation of His truth!!

Thanks and kind regards,

Ralph Wilms


Dear Mr. Wilms,
Thank you for your positive comments about my website and the information on it. I’m glad you found my website, and please feel free to let others know about it.
Thank you also for your interest in ordering my book, The “Lost Ten Tribes of “Israel…Found!” The book is now out-of-print, and I only have a few copies left. To order a copy, you may send a check drawn on a US bank branch or an international money order for $27 (US). This price includes $20 for the cost of the book and $12 for shipping via Global Priority Mail. My address is: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735, USA.
Your email asked about a revised or new edition of my book. Indeed, my original book was expanded into a four-book series with new information about the history and migrations of the ten tribes of Israel, photos of museum artifacts, many illustrations, indexes, etc. Information about each of these four books is readily available at my publisher’s website: These books can also be ordered easily on-line via credit cards at this website.
Steve Collins