Many people have read or seen stories about the very extensive rain- and snow-fall in California and the resultant flooding in that state. It is easy to assume that the “mega-drought” is over due to those rains, but that would be a mistake. The huge amount of moisture received by California in a series of “atmospheric river” storms stayed mostly in California in the form of several feet of snowpack in the mountains and many inches of rainfall between the coast and the mountain ranges in Eastern California. Not a lot of that moisture made it into the parched states east of the California mountain ranges. With the exception of California, the Colorado River Basin states remain in the grips of a very serious drought. Before we discuss that topic, let’s examine the flooding in California and a national problem it is going to create.

The first link reports that the heavy rainfalls in California have drowned many vegetable crops that were almost ready for harvest. The link includes photographs showing just how serious the cropland flooding really was. Particularly hard hit were the harvests for lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries and various other crops. The sudden loss of these vegetable and fruit harvests will mean shortages of these types of produce all across America as California supplies so much of the nation’s vegetables. The areas hard hit by flooding were in the region called “America’s salad bowl” due to the high percentage of these types of crops produced in California. Not only will the nation experience tighter supplies of many types of vegetables and fruits, but a national shortage in these crops will boost food inflation for many months to come. Since food price increases are inevitable, you may want to “stock up” on your supplies of the types of vegetables you and/or your family depend on. I can attest to rising food costs for vegetables. It was not that long ago when I could buy bags of frozen vegetables routinely for $1.29 a package and they were sometimes on sale for 99 cents. This week I bought some bags of frozen vegetables for $2.29 per bag and the grocer was selling bags which had less content-volume as well.

Now lets look at the water crisis in the Colorado River Basin states that is coming to a head. There were good articles on this topic in some major media sources, but all of the ones I wanted to cite were accessible only via subscription services. I’ll cite portions of an article from the New York Times entitled “Feds offer plan to evenly share allotments on Colorado River” by Christopher Flavelle that was reprinted in the April 12, 2023 issue of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The federal government has been waiting for the Southwestern states in this Colorado River Basin Compact to come to a collective agreement on their own about water reductions, but they have been unable to do so. Therefore, exercising powers it has never used before, the federal government has announced its likely plan to impose a forced water-rationing plan on these states. The favored plan is one which will impose an equal 13% cut in water allotments to each of the states involved. Since Colorado River water is used by residents and businesses throughout the American Southwest, this will reduce the supplies of water available for household and business uses, agriculture uses as well as the water supplies available for hydroelectric energy production. The article cites “overuse and a 23-year long drought” for this unprecedented water supply cut to a large swath of the American population. The reduction of water supplies to farmers will also further reduce the water available to grow vegetables, fruits, livestock, etc. in these states. This will further cause inflation rates for food supplies to rise. The article states 40 million Americans and 5.5 million acres of agricultural use will be affected by these cuts.

The article also notes that this emergency federal action is prompted because water “levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell are so low that water may soon fail to turn the turbines that generate electricity.” If water levels fall just a little bit more, no water will be available for energy production, creating a “deadpool” status in these major reservoirs. Some energy production could continue by sacrificing the water in one of these huge reservoirs (allowing it to become a deadpool) and directing its water into the other reservoir. The article also proposes that the Biden administration chose this plan over one which would have prevented water cuts for California because it wanted to help Democratic candidates in Arizona and Nevada in next year’s elections. The second link also offers another perspective regarding the same water crisis measures discussed above. These major cuts will require water rationing throughout the American Southwest. Personally, I don’t think the masses will be much inclined to cut water uses until they see the rich ordered to not refill their swimming pools and until they see major water cuts to the myriads of golf courses in the Southwest states. When water rationing hits tens of millions of Americans, there will be a political crisis as well as a water crisis. Americans in the affected states don’t really take this crisis seriously yet, but they will when they are ordered to use less water.

I’m reminded of biblical verses in Leviticus 26:4 and Deuteronomy 11:14-15 which promise that if nations obey God and walk in his commandments, that God will give them “rain in due season.” In other words, they will not receive too much or too little rain and that flooding and droughts would be rare. Instead, they will receive appropriate amounts of rain when their crops and livestock need them. Applying that to modern times, it means that if nations and states honor God and try to obey him in their laws and conduct, they can expect rain “in due season.” If they do not honor God and rebel against his laws, they can and should expect alternating cycles of droughts and floods. Modern mankind has been duped into thinking there is no Creator God and that all the multitudes of incomprehensibly complex species simply emerged “by accident” on their own. You can prove there is a God and that that Creator God is the God of the Bible. My books available at this website’s homepage document that God has kept his promises to and prophecies for many nations over at least the last three millennia and at my website you can also see the evidence offering what really happened in earth’s prehistoric times in my article, Is the Earth 6000 Years Old? [Hint: It isn’t. The Bible actually agrees with the scientists who say the earth is or could be billions of years old.]

Another example of the opposite of “rain in due season” just happened in Florida. The city and area of Ft. Lauderdale received about 26 inches of rain in one day! The third link and fourth link offer aerial drone footage of the severe aftermath of the flooding, which left many of the city’s streets seriously awash and even flooded the airport’s runways and taxiways, halting airline traffic. This is just one more example of wild weather affecting the USA and, indeed, the entire world. It isn’t just rain amounts that are experiencing wild swings. Temperature patterns are also being affected. In the Upper Midwest where I live, amazing fluctuations in temperatures are being experienced. My city (Sioux Falls, SD) and region experienced no meaningful warm-ups in March, but rather struggled to have daily highs above freezing. High temperatures in the 30s were steady and our temperatures were far below normal. Then within a span of about a week, we went from daily highs in the 30s or low 40s to daily highs in the 80s and low 90s for four consecutive says. I know one person who drove from a city in North Dakota where it was in the 30s in the morning and arrived in Sioux Falls where the temperature was 85 degrees in the afternoon of the same day. It was as if this person began their trip in Winter and, just a few hours later, arrived in Summer. Very odd.

I’d like to suggest a possible explanation for the wild weather extremes being unleashed around the world. The establishment intelligentsia credit all such occurrences to “climate change” and assert this requires further consolidation of central government powers, However, I suggest some thing else that needs serious consideration. I agree that wild swings in the weather are occurring, and that “climate change” is an apt term to describe it, but these climate changes may not be man-made. The above-cited scriptures that the Creator God will deliberately intervene to worsen weather patterns for nations who disobey and dishonor him could be evidence that a very real Creator God is becoming angrier at the provocations of mankind against him, and that he is intervening to punish mankind in the weather patterns–exactly as he said he would do. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 11 and 28 describe an escalating series of national punishments that will befall nations which disobey and dishonor God. Deuteronomy 28:23-24 states God will cause such a serious drought on sinful nations that “your heaven…will be as brass, and the earth that is under you shall be iron” (verse 23), and verses 38-40 promise God will afflict such nations by intervening to lessen their harvests. This sounds like what is happening in the American Southwest and in America’s “salad bowl” region of California.

Let’s ask the question: Is America (and most of the rest of the world) dishonoring and disobeying God? The answer is a resounding “Yes.” Then, if there is a Creator God (and there is), should America and the rest of the world expect to experience ever-increasing climate problems and weather catastrophes? The answer is also a resounding “Yes.” When God is sufficiently angered to punish nations, he states he will cause them to be afflicted by weather/climate problems so bad that “the land will spue you out.” In other words, Divine climate punishments will make the land so uninhabitable that populations will have to abandon their cities and homes and move elsewhere. National repentance would put an end to such climate punishments, but I see no evidence that national repentance is taking place in America or the Western world (which received the lion’s share of God’s blessings when God and his laws were honored). Think of how bad it could get. If the Colorado River Basin goes to a deadpool situation in its two largest reservoirs, spigots will not yield any water and irrigation systems will fail. Millions would have to abandon their homes and migrate elsewhere in the nation. The real estate value of millions of homes could drop to near zero if they cannot be serviced with water or electricity. Think what that will do to the balance books of many families and many money-lenders.

This post has discussed weather “curses” involving too much or too little rain. However, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. are also weather curses which can be sent upon disobedient nations. Experts have been saying that a California city could be hit by an earthquake so large it will be called “the Big One.” I’ve seen experts being quoted as saying the odds of such an earthquake striking in the next few decades are steadily growing. That assumes there is no God. But since the Creator God does have his finger on the San Andreas fault (and all fault lines everywhere) and since national sins are steadily making that Creator God angrier, he can decide to send “the Big One” wherever and whenever he chooses. What if San Francisco has a repeat of its great 1906 earthquake that did so much damage? The losses in lives and property would be far higher today. Indeed, the costs could be so prohibitive that it won’t be feasible to even try rebuilding the city. Do you think this unlikely? Isaiah 13:13 prophesies that in a time called “the Day of the Lord” which will climax the latter days of this age, God will “shake the heavens and the earth will remove out of her place”–an event echoed in the prophecy of Isaiah 24:18-20 that the “foundations of the earth” will “shake” so that the earth “is utterly broken down” and “the earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard.” It is well-known that the earth has inter-connected fault lines and tectonic plate junctures where earthquakes are a regular danger. This prophecy indicates that there will someday be simultaneous global earthquakes along all the fault lines. This could create such shocks to the earth’s stable rotation on its axis that the planet will develop a prophesied “wobble” in its orbit. I think many will be ready to repent to the Creator God when that happens.

I think if the Creator God wanted to say something to modern mankind as it deepens its rebellion versus God’s laws and commandments, he might say; “You think you are experiencing ‘climate change’ now? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”