In a previous post I highlighted the worsening California drought. Just since that post, the dimensions of the California drought have rapidly gotten far worse. California is facing an apocalyptic drought if the rains do not return soon. The consequences for the residents of the state of California and the entire USA due to this drought are now becoming starkly apparent. These links document the extreme effects that this drought could/will have on California and the entire nation.

To begin with, Governor Brown has instituted emergency measures throughout the state to preserve water (first link and second link). He calls for golf courses and cemeteries to “reduce water consumption,” the halting of watering grass on boulevards, and other measures. Most ominously, it includes “temporary relocation assistance to families who need to move from homes where domestic wells have run dry (emphasis added)…” The first link doesn’t mention whether this includes only private wells or if public water wells for towns and communities are also included.

The third link includes a piece of information which graphically shows how desperate the water situation in California is becoming. It reports that the California snowpack is “just 6 percent of the long-term average,” with the previous worst levels being 25% of normal (which happened in 2014). This means California faces a year with less than 1/16th of the usual snowpack after a year which had only 25% of normal snowpack. I’ve seen video clips of Governor Brown on the national news programs standing on dry land that should be covered with five feet of snow at this time of year and looking back at mountain ridges which are all but barren of snow that, reportedly, should be so full of snow that they could be at risk of avalanches at this time of year. No wonder California’s reservoirs are running dry. It reports that many water-users are existing only on water that they can pump out of the ground. However, this could lead to a truly desperate situation in California’s future. The fourth link offers a plethora of informational links confirming that, due to overuse, California’s water table is dropping precipitously and wells are running dry. It is so bad the ground is actually sinking over wide regions.

The fifth link states where the worsening drought is inevitably headed. It warns that when the water runs dry for towns, cities and businesses all over the state of California, there will be a “mass migration away from California,” and that “the value of California homes will plummet to nearly nothing…because the value of a home that has no running water and likelihood of ever receiving running water is very close to zero.” Think of the financial disasters that will cascade all over California and the entire USA when/if this happens. Think of the effects on the stock and commodities markets! California has an immense supply of millions of what we Midwesterners regard as obscenely-overpriced homes and real estate parcels. If these homes and real estate tracts become unsellable due to the lack of or uncertainty about water supplies, their value will plummet and the property tax bases of California cities, school districts and counties will plummet as well. They need to start cutting costs now in order to soften the blow of what looks likely to occur in the foreseeable future. If millions of Californians have to migrate out of the state, where will they go? Will they not be poverty-stricken if the equities in their homes and real estate possessions wither up due to water shortages? The financial consequences for the entire USA will be startling when/if this happens. If the out-migration becomes substantial, California will lose a lot of congressional seats in the US Congress after the 2020 census.

Allow me to comment on Gov. Brown’s emergency water measures. I think “half measures” may be a better term for them. It appears that Gov. Brown and the entire state of California are still in denial about how bad this water crisis really is. If Gov. Brown and the California Legislature were serious about water preservation, they would impose such measures as banning the watering of cemeteries and golf course, banning car washing, banning the watering of lawns, banning the filling of all private swimming pools, requiring all appliances in the state to be retrofitted to conserve millions of gallons of water when they are in use. California needs a crash program to build water desalinization plants all along the Pacific coastline before they face the calamitous day when there is no more water.

In my previous post on this subject, I noted that the USA is the leading modern “covenant” nation which is descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel, and that, as such, it has received a largesse of God’s blessings (due to the “birthright” blessings promised to Abraham’s birthright descendants among the tribes of Israel). See my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, for a short version of the evidence on this topic or obtain copies of my books for extensive biblical and secular documentation. Genesis 1:26-27 records that God made mankind in His image and likeness. That means emotional image as well as physical image. Humans get angry and so does God. Indeed, Malachi 4:5-6 foretells that at the end of our age just prior to the “great and dreadful day of the Lord” (when God’s wrath and plagues are poured out on a rebellious mankind), God is going to be so angry at mankind’s sins and perversions of his original plan for mankind that he will be close to destroying mankind off the surface of this planet he made. This is not the first time mankind has provoked God to such extreme anger. Genesis 6:1-12 relates that God was so disgusted with mankind’s pre-Flood degeneration from his created ways (that would bring blessings and a happy relationship with Him) that he regretted even making mankind on the earth. What happened? The population of the pre-Flood earth was very large (Genesis 6:1) and Matthew 24:37 adds that the latter-day civilization of our time will mirror that of the pre-Flood world. In other words, there likely were billions of people on the earth in the pre-Flood world. God was patient. He gave them a chance to repent as Noah was a “preacher of righteousness” to the pre-Flood world even as he built the Ark (I Peter 2:5). The Bible tells us in Revelation 11 that God will send Two Witnesses wielding Divine powers in his name to plague our modern sinful societies and warn our world to repent at the end of our age. They are not yet revealed nor are they on the scene (see my article, The Two Witnesses, for much biblical information about them). When they do come on the scene, this age will be nearing its end.

If the Creator God really exists [and please read my article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? for proof of God’s reality. [Hint: the Bible actually teaches the earth is indefinitely old and could be billions of years old just as the scientists assert!] God has to be getting really angry at mankind’s sins and especially at the nations, like the USA, on which he has lavished great blessings. Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 warn that Covenant nations will eventually reap great punishments from God if they abandon him on a large enough scale for an extended time. As I said before, Deuteronomy 28:23 warns that one of God’s curses on sinful nations is that drought will become so bad that “the heaven that is over your head shall be as brass and the earth that is under you shall be iron.” That is exactly what happens in an advanced state of drought. The ground can be become so hard it feels like iron. There is no question that the USA is now sinning on a grand national scale that is rapidly becoming worse. If God is real, we should expect Him to be getting angry and we should expect such droughts to occur. The climatologists have warned that California’s superdrought is worsening. If God is causing this record drought, it is not going to abate until national repentance occurs. America is nowhere near that point yet. However, as America gets drier and hungrier, it will reach the point where God says to us via the climate and weather: “Repent or else!” Leviticus 20:28 and 20:22 warn that when a nation gets sufficiently sinful and rebellious vs. God, he will cause the land to “spew you out.” In other words, God will intervene in climatic conditions so the land becomes uninhabitable.

In about a year or so, the drying land mass of California (and other states as they enter worsening droughts as well) will begin to “spew out” their inhabitants. America’s ruling elites have mocked God for a long time. They have disobeyed God, taught our populations to believe “God doesn’t exist,” and have been encouraging the entire nation to forsake and disobey God. When this happens, the Bible warns that God will eventually get everyone’s attention with some national “spankings” to try and induce people to repent and get back to proper living practices and lifestyles. The California superdrought indicates God is starting to do just that. The consequences for not just California but the entire USA will only get worse if we do not repent as a nation and people.