I have pasted below a report which is as disturbing as it is surprising. British postal workers refused to handle or deliver 40,000 CDs which had the biblical book of Mark on them. These British postal workers found the Bible CDs to be “offensive material.” While the postal service later made a tepid apology about the matter, the CDs are now being delivered to addressees by volunteers.

That this could happen in a nation with a strong Christian heritage is astounding. The story does not identify who the postal worker or workers were who found the Bible CDs offensive, but I can’t help but wonder if it was Moslem employees of the postal service who imposed their Moslem views upon everyone else. I wonder if the reaction would have been so muted if some Christian employees of the British postal service had refused to deliver Koranic/Islamic CDs because they found them to be “offensive material.”

As readers of my books and materials know, the British people are a Covenant nation, the descendants of the Israelite tribe of Ephraim, who was blessed by God to become a great company (or multitude of nations) in the latter days of our age (Genesis 48:14-49:1). God kept his promise and made the British Empire the greatest in size and global dominance that the world has ever seen. The very term “Brit-ish,” in Hebrew, means “covenant man,” and the British Isles have borne the name of Briton for millennia, proclaiming the British Isles were the habitation of the Israelite “Covenant” people dating to Israelite/Phoenician and Carthaginian times (the Hebrew word for “covenant” has the consonants “B-R-T”). It was the Creator God who inspired the Bible who made the British people great. The British nation bequeathed the King James Bible to the world, and used to send missionaries all over the world to spread the Christian faith. If my memory is correct, the British monarch is traditionally the head of the Church of England.

II Thessalonians 2:3 warned there would be a “falling away” from the truth in the end of our age. That has surely happened, and this example of the postal service in a “Christian” nation refusing to even deliver CDs with a Bible book on it is a further example of how the Christian faith has been abandoned and devalued even in nations which once had a strong Christian tradition.

Brace yourselves. I think this anti-Christian trend is only going to accelerate and get worse.

Postal workers refuse to deliver Bible recordings because the CDs are ‘offensive’

By Daily Mail Reporter, Last updated at 10:58 PM on 9th September 2011

Postal workers refused to deliver CDs of Bible readings after deciding they were ‘offensive material’.

Several churches had paid for discs with recordings of St Mark’s Gospel to be produced to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.

They were due to be delivered to all households on the Channel Island of Jersey, but church leaders were stunned when they were told postal workers would not handle the 45,000 CDs.

Controversial: Postal officials said they were concerned that recordings of the King James Bible could be offensive

Rev Liz Hunter of St Helier Methodist Centre said: ‘Initially Jersey Post seemed quite positive about helping us deliver the CDs.

‘But then a couple of weeks ago somebody from their marketing department phoned to say they would be unable to deliver them on the grounds that they could be deemed offensive.

‘They said there were guidelines about mass material that is sent out across the island and that religious recordings could offend people.

‘This is not openly aggressive evangelism it was just a nice idea to give everyone a CD which they can chose to listen to if they wish.’

Church groups around the island united on the project, with the goal of delivering 45,000 recordings of St Mark’s Gospel to every house in Jersey.

Reverend Hunter added: ‘The impact has been somewhat lost now.

‘We launched the Switch On scheme last Monday and we wanted every house to have their CD at the same time this week.

‘Now we are relying on volunteers to drop them off to individual houses so it will probably take most of September.’

Jersey Post apologised for the incident, saying staff had misinterpreted guidelines.

Chief Executive Kevin Keen, said: ‘I understand that one of my colleagues did say the material was offensive.

‘This decision was made on the basis of our terms and conditions which states that we have the right to refuse to distribute something that falls under the category of ‘promotional material which could cause offence’.

‘Clearly this was interpreted in the wrong way. I have spoken to the person involved and have written to all of my colleagues asking that they come to me if there is any doubt in their mind in the future.’

The CDs are now being delivered by volunteers.

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