On December 17, 2009, I did a blog that the action of a British court to arrest a former Israeli Foreign minister was poisoning Brtish-Israeli relationships. The British are making this rift even worse with a commercial/economic boycott as well, and many in the Israeli Knesset are calling for retaliation against the British.

The first link below, from a Palestinian media source, reports that “the British Trade Unions (TUC)  passed a resolution voting to boycott all Israeli products.” The resolution, representing 6.5 million British workers, also calls for British investors to divest themselves “of any involvement with Israeli companies.” Anti-Israeli sentiment in Great Britain is rising. The second link reports that students at a British campus have also voted to join a boycott of Israeli products. There are at least some voices of reason left in the UK as first link does add that a British court “quashed a case seeking the government justify and explain its continued sale of arms to Israel.” However, the rising anti-Israeli sentiment in Great Britian is justifiably angering the Israeli Knesset.

The third link below reports that 39 members of the Israeli Knesset signed a petition calling for Israelis to boycott British goods and services in retaliation for the British boycott of Israeli products. The Knesset members calling for a boycott against the British include the Speaker of the Israeli Knesset and members of “all factions signed the petition” so it has broad-based support. The Israeli members of Parliament also are considering action to require British products in Israel to be marked so the Israeli public can boycott them. This action is in response to a British measure calling for Israeli products to be marked in Great Britain so they can be boycotted. This British-Israeli enmity is starting to spiral out of control, and will have very negative consequences for the western alliance of nations if it continues. Unfortunately, it seems every action to make this crisis worse has been taken by the British. The Israelis are simply reacting and defending themselves.

If the British insist on continuing to antagonize the Israelis, there could be very negative consequences for the British. Boycotting British products in Israel would only be a starting point. There are many wealthy Jews and supporters of Israel around the world. What if these pro-Israeli factions decide to sell their shares in British companies, sell the British currency on world markets and withdraw all their gold and silver being held in British monetary exchanges, banks, etc.? What if the Mossad finds out about another Islamic terrorist attack pending on British soil and decides not to share the information with their British counterparts? I think its time the British start realizing who their friends and enemies are in this world.

My December 17th blog noted that Isiaiah 11:13 prophesied that there would be a personal rivalry between the tribes of Ephraim and Judah, and the modern dust-up between the British and Israelis is one fulfillment of that prophecy. Bible prophecy also tells us when this rivalry will eventually end. Ezekiel 37 has a prophecy that begins in verse 14 and ends in verse 28. Called the “two sticks” prophecy, it prophesies that the animosity between Ephraim and Judah will end when the Millennium/ Messianic Age begins and King David (a Jew) is resurrected to serve as king over all the reunited tribes of Israel. Verse 19 refers to “Ephraim and the tribes of Israel his fellows,” and this language prophesies that all the tribes of the “ten tribes of Israel” will be reconciled to the tribe of Judah at that time. Revelation 20:4 also prophesies about this same time when all resurrected saints (including David) will “reign with Christ a thousand years.” It is worth adding that in Matthew 19:28, Jesus Christ promised the twelve apostles that each one of them would rule over one of the tribes of Israel in the Millennium/Messianic Age. That means each of the resurrected apostles will be reporting directly to the resurrected King David who will be reporting directly to Jesus Christ, the “king of Kings” (Revelation 19:16).  May that time come soon!