In a first-class diplomatic faux-paus, a British court has issued an arrest warrant for the former Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, who served in that post under Prime Minister Olmert during the Israeli operation in Gaza to stop the rockets being fired at Israelis by Hamas. The first link below about this story is from a Palestinian news source, and its tone is surprisingly restrained. Its report is based on a previous report by the Islamic news network, Al-Jazeera, and it states that British “police visited a residence” in the UK where Livni was thought to be staying. Presumably, the British police would have arrested this former Israeli cabinet minister if they had found her. Its a good thing they didn’t find her there. If they had done so, the UK would have faced a very angry Israeli government which would have had every right to retaliate vs. the British by arresting the leading British Embassy staff on Israeli soil and confining them in an Israeli prison!

I know that using capitals in a blog is like “shouting,” but I really do feel like shouting about this asinine British court action. The British court is hopelessly HYPOCRITICAL in my opinion. Did the same British court issue arrest warrants for all the Hamas officials who ordered the firing or hundreds or thousands of rockets and mortar attacks vs. Israeli civilians near the Gaza borders? Did that British court issue arrest warrants for the radical Islamicist leaders who spew out anti-Jewish and anti-Western bilge even while they are hosted on British soil? I think readers know the answer to these questions.

The second link below reports on the justifiably angry Israeli reaction to the out-of-control British legal system. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu (quite correctly) called the British action an “absurdity,” and told the British ambassador that the Israelis viewed this anti-Israeli British action “with utmost gravity.” Indeed, this likely understates what Netanyahu told the British ambassador. An earlier blog at my website detailed an account about an earlier wacky British action where British police attemped to arrest an Israeli general (in his own airplane) who was simply in the UK to make a speech. That incident almost resulted in a gun battle between the British police and the Israeli bodyguards of the Israeli general. I think the Israelis are getting pretty close to telling the British to “go to hell.” The second link does state that unless the British take “immediate, determined action”  to stop this kind of utter nonsense against Israeli leaders, that it will not only “harm” British-Israeli relationships, but that the UK will essentially be booted out of the Mideast Peace Process by the Israelis. I’ll bet if we could hear all that was said to the British ambassador that our ears would be scorched.

The final link below reports on the initial efforts by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and others to apologize for the crisis, but it is clear that it can only be healed by the British taking internal actions to stop outraging the Israelis. I doubt the Mossad will be sharing any information with British intelligence services any time soon. If the British police ever do make the cosmic mistake of arresting an Israeli leader, expect to see Tony Blair clapped in irons the next time he lands at an Israeli airport. He might even be sharing a cell with the British Ambassador to the Israelis. Didn’t you hear about this in the American establishment media? There seems to be a truism developing that “the more important a news item is, the less likely you are to hear about it in the American media.”

There is a deep reason behind the historic English-Israeli animosity that few understand. Those who have read my books and articles or heard my audio messages at this website will understand, however. The British are descended from the Israelite tribe of Ephraim (the “company of nations” prophesied to be on the world scene in the latter days–Genesis 48:14-Genesis 49:1), and the Israelis/Jews are descended from the Israelite tribe of Judah. After the ancient kingdom of Israel divided into rival kingdoms soon after the death of King Solomon, the northern kingdom of Israel was led by the tribe of Ephraim. The southern kingdom of Judah was led by the tribe of Judah. This led to Ephraim and Judah being long-time rivals and enemies. I think this rivalry took root in their DNA. Even the Bible agrees that these two tribes “rub each other the wrong way.” Isaiah 11 is a prophecy about events at the beginning of the Millennium/Messianic Age, and it includes a prophecy that “Ephraim shall not envy Judah and Judah shall not vex Ephraim” (verse 13). This prophecy indicates that the historically strained relationship between Ephraim and Judah will not be resolved till Jesus Christ returns.

Isaiah 11:13 is actually an uncannily accurate prophecy. Notice that the prophecy does not say “Joseph shall not envy Judah and Judah shall not vex Joseph.”  Ephraim’s brother tribe, Manasseh (both are descended from Joseph), is the single great nation in the modern world (the USA), as Genesis 48:14-49:1 prophesied. However, the tribe of Maansseh was not included in Isaiah 11:13’s prophecy about a rivalry with Judah. Manasseh has no problem getting along with Judah. This is very obvious in modern world geopolitics. The British were historicaly pro-Arab and were widely seen as being anti-Jewish during the time of the UN Mandate over Palestine before the Israeli nation was born in 1948. If this is “news” to anyone, please rent the old movies “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Exodus” which make this point very clearly. However, while the British were pro-Arab, the Americans are historically pro-Jewish. President Truman was a passionate supporter of the new Jewish nation in 1948, and Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Israeli in all polls. American weaponry was rushed to the Israelis to assist them in many wars. Therefore, the exclusion of Manasseh in Isaiah 11:13’s prophecy foretold circa 2700 years ago that the modern British would tend to be anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish, but (in an argument of silence) that Manasseh would not share Ephraim’s anti-Jewish attitudes. This also is another strong piece of evidence that the British are the modern tribe of Ephraim and that the Americans are the tribe of Manasseh.