While the world’s attention is is glued to two major stories: the shooting down of a Malaysian Airliner over the Ukrainian-Russian border region and the Israeli military action in Gaza, another developing story is getting virtually ignored in the world’s media. However, this other story may eventually have a global impact which will have far more influence on the nations in the future than either the downed Malaysian airliner or Israel’s incursion into Gaza. That development is the beginning of a new global BRICS Bank which will operate independently of the US Federal Reserve Board, Wall Street and the US dollar.

This new BRICS development bank is being founded by the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (these nations forming an acronym for the “BRICS” nations). The new development bank is being founded with the equivalent of $50 Billion dollars and another global BRICS-sponsored financial entity will begin with the equivalent of $100 billion dollars. The important thing to realize is that the USA, the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, etc. have no power or oversight of these new global banking/finance entities. In essence, the BRICS nations are forming a financial bloc which will rival the US and other western banks, financial institutions and currencies. I saw on a cable-TV report on this event (either on the BBC or Al Jazeera America) that the BRICS nations represent 42% of the world’s population and 24% of global GNP. That is a very large percentage of the world’s people and GNP, and it is now effectively beginning to “secede” from the US-dominated global world of finance, banking and currency matters. The Washington Post (first link) used rather carefully worded reporting to describe this epochal event, but it did note that this move represented an action “…toward a developing country alternate to global development funding,” and that the current global financial system is “losing legitimacy.” In other words, the BRICS nations are saying that it is the US hegemony over global banking and finance that has been in existence since World War II which is “losing legitimacy.”

The second link (from ABC News) focuses on the likelihood that China will dominate this new BRICS bank and that its headquarters will be in Shanghai. It also discussed the possibility that this BRICS action will become a successor to the Bretton Woods agreement after World War II which set up US dollar dominance over the global economy. An Indian source calls the new BRICS Bank “a historic development” [I agree], and the second link also quotes the official Chinese media as stating that this BRICS action “ushers in a long-awaited alternative to the ‘Western-dominated institutes in global finance (emphasis added).'”

I expect more nations to join the BRICS nations as time passes. Given the fury in Germany over Chancellor Merkel’s cell phone being tapped by the NSA, the USA’s spying on Germany via double agents and the American refusal to sign “no-spy” agreements with Germany, Germany is a likely nation to join this BRICS bank in the future. Indeed, German citizens have already been demonstrating against the dominance of the US Federal Reserve Board in 100 German cities (third link)! Did you hear anything about that in the American media? Another nation which has a strong motive to join the “rebellion” against US financial dominance over the world is Saudi Arabia, which is very angry about Obama doing nothing while their ally, Mubarak, was removed from power in Egypt. The Saudis are also angry about Obama’s cozying-up to Iran. If these two nations join the BRICS bank and other international financial entities which may develop out of the BRICS bank (such as a independent gold and silver pricing-exchanges in Frankfurt and Shanghai, perhaps), there will be a total of seven major nations leading a revolt against US-dominated and US Fed-dominated global financial institutions. If oil exports get priced in a BRICS-sponsored set of regional world currencies instead of the US dollar, the US petrodollar market is kaput, which would have huge impacts all over the world.

Let’s speculate on something, from a biblical perspective. Revelation 17 prophesies that “seven head and ten horns” will lead a global revolt against the “Babylon the Great” system of global world finance and banking that will be in power in the latter days. These “seven heads and ten horns” will (according to Revelation 17-18) be successful in their revolt against the Babylon the Great system and will establish a new global financial system which will become the “beast” system–the last human global system to govern the earth before Jesus Christ Himself returns at the head of a heavenly army and replaces the beast system forever (Revelation 19:11-20:4). If two other major nations join the BRICS nations’ revolt against the current Babylon the Great system, we may have the “seven heads” of this prophecy take shape in modern geopolitics. I do not know if this will turn into the “seven heads” prophesied in Revelation 17, but we need to watch closely to see if this does develop.

This is a huge development in global finance, commerce and banking. It is the most open revolt against the USA, its financial institutions and its currency since the end of World War II. I’ve included the last link for readers’ information and review. It is written by a financial analyst who writes with “attitude” and uses terminology I wouldn’t use myself to get his points across. However, this link was emailed to me by a friend in a foreign nation, and it was via the last link that I learned about the German demonstrations against the US Federal Reserve Board. I had no idea they were occurring, so I did a web search and found out his report was accurate. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of all his information and predictions, but he does paint a picture of the depth of corruption that exists in the current global system of world banking and finance. Revelation 17-18 also paints a picture of the extreme corruption and collusion between the “kings of the earth” (national and government leaders) and the “merchants of the earth” (global multinational corporations) that will exist at the end of our age. Revelation 18:3-4 is very clear on this point.

Perhaps as history unfolds, the formation of a BRICS bank to become a new “world bank” outside the US dollar system and the dominance of US financial institutions will prove to be the modern financial equivalent of the firing on Fort Sumter which started the US Civil War in 1860. I think we should all regard this action as being targeted against the US dominance of the world of global finance. The global revolt against the US Fed, Wall Street, US banks and the US dollar has begun. For more background information providing context to understand this momentous development, please read my articles on The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? The first article will make it clear why the Bible calls the current global financial system “Babylon the Great.”

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