In the aftermath of the British Brexit vote to leave the EU, events have moved at a very fast pace. Equity markets tanked for a couple sessions before stabilizing. The British and EU currencies dropped while gold shot upwards. The financial and monetary gyrations are serious enough on their own, but the biggest and most ominous news is the revelation that the EU was/is planning to create a tyrannical “superstate” which would eliminate the borders of European nations, take over their military forces, impose centralized dictates from the EU bureaucracy, etc. The first three links have reports that the EU has been planning this takeover of the European nations for some time, and may be trying to impose it now before more opposition to the plan galvanizes all over Europe.

Opposition to such a plan is already strong and growing. Poland is reported to be objecting to a militarized EU dictatorship and the fourth link reports that Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic object to it as well. The links below report that the current heads of state of Germany, France and Italy are all for the superstate. Since France would be dismembered under this plan and its nuclear weapons apparently transferred to a German-dominated EU if it took place, French leader Hollande may be auditioning for a reprise as the leader of a new Vichy French government. All three nations have strong anti-EU opposition inside their nations. Germany has a new anti-EU political party that did well in recent regional elections, France’s National Front party is a strong candidate to lead the first round of the next French elections and it is strongly anti-EU. Italy’s Lombardy region has a strong anti-EU movement a new anti-EU party just won landslide victories in mayoral elections in Rome, Turin and other Italian cities. As noted in my previous post, the anti-EU leader of the polls for the next national election in the Netherlands has pledged to hold a referendum in his nation to exit the EU.

Currently I am experiencing an “information overload” on the EU/Brexit issues, as I’m sure others are as well as events are moving so fast. There are far too many articles to examine all of them. These links are just a small portion of what is becoming available.

I’m sure readers are aware that there was an on-line petition being circulated by the losing “Remain” side in the UK to ask for a re-vote on the Brexit vote in hopes that they could change the outcome. It had no force of law and was little more than a “sour grapes” effort to vent the feelings of the “Remain” side. The fifth link notes that UK PM Cameron has ruled out any chance of a second vote on the matter, so that petition is a waste of time. The first link also reports that the petition circulating in the UK by the losing “Remain” supporters has significant numbers of phony signatures on it. It reports that tens of thousands of signatures are on the petition claiming a Vatican address, which has “only 820 residents.” Who knows how many other signatures on the petition are also phony signatures from people who are not even British. Of more serious import is the possibility that Scotland may “secede” from the UK to stay in the EU. Given the flurry of media reports that the EU intends to impose a dictatorship on its member nations, seize their military assets and take control over their internal borders, Scotland may want to hold off on that course of action for now. Do they really want to leave the UK to invite EU “Gauleiters” to come and seize control over Scotland? Scotland will enjoy far more autonomy within the UK than in any dictatorial EU superstate.

How soon will the UK leave the EU? PM Cameron wants to drag his feet until October, but the latest date I’ve seen cited as the one on which the UK will give formal notification to the EU of its intent to leave the EU is September 9. Many European leaders are putting immense pressure on Cameron to stop dragging his feet and give the official notification quickly. Given that instability and uncertainty will reign in all financial and monetary markets until that notification is given, I expect Cameron to advance the date on which the UK divorce from the EU officially begins. Given the revelations about the EU’s superstate plans, Cameron should give the notification tomorrow! The seventh link is a satirical commentary on those who oppose the UK’s Brexit vote result by Greg Gutfeld of Fox News. It is well worth your time.

Internal British politics are in a shambles. The Conservative and Labour parties were both internally split on the Brexit vote. The Conservative party has not yet chosen a new Prime Minister from the “Leave” camp and the Labor party’s entire leadership structure is disintegrating as its leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is refusing to step down in spite of majority demands within his party that he do so. The only really united British political party is the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), which is solidly united in the “Leave” camp. Its leader, Nigel Farage, who is a member of the EU Parliament, now has star power in the UK given the success of the “Leave” vote, which he has championed for years. I urge readers to watch the sixth link‘s video clip. It is a speech given by Mr. Farage to his fellow EU parliamentarians after the “Leave” vote won. He is, in my opinion, positively Churchillian in his denunciation of the EU’s anti-democratic actions and he displays a resolute willingness to confront the smirking, laughing autocrats who inhabit the EU Parliament and are clueless to the people’s revolt that is happening inside Europe.

The British exit for the EU greatly complicates the overlapping jurisdictions of NATO and the EU. The UK is the largest military power in Europe and will soon be leaving the EU. The USA is a member of NATO, but not the EU. Let’s assume the worst happens and the EU tries to seize control over European nations and their respective military forces. Some European nations will actively fight any such effort. As members of NATO, they have the legal right to invoke the NATO charter and call on all NATO members to come to their defense against any invader. If the “invader” is an EU army, the USA and all NATO nations not in the EU would be obliged under the NATO treaty to go to war against any “invading” EU army. Also, since large and growing numbers of people within the EU nations would oppose any such effort by the EU to impose a European-wide “Anschluss” on other EU nations, civil wars all over Europe would break out as European leaders ordered their militaries to fight any EU army seeking to invade it. The ramifications of such a sequence of events are sheer madness. I hope the EU comes to its senses and abandons any plans to become a military dictatorship wanting to seize and dismantle other European nations. In one link below, it is reported that Poland was the nation which gave the first warning about the EU’s reported plans.

You can bet the EU’s leaders who were apparently getting ready to “slam dunk” this take-over plan on the British and everyone else in Europe are seething over the British Brexit vote result, Poland’s tipping off the rest of Europe about the EU superstate plans, etc. Their plans are coming unglued in the light of global exposure before they could implement this plan. You can be sure strong forces are making alliances behind closed doors to oppose any EU efforts to become a military dictatorship over Europe. If the EU did so, do not think that Russia would remain on the sidelines if any new EU “Fourth Reich” rose to its west.

I do know one thing. Given what happened in World War II, if I were a Jew living in Europe, I’d make Aliyah to Israel as soon as possible…while I still could. Also, there is a huge difference now in global politics than in the 1930s and 1940s. I’ve been to the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, the Israeli Holocaust Memorial. The day that I was there also was an IDF (Israel Defense Force) Day at the memorial as many IDF soldiers there were being imprinted with the concept that in World War II there was no Jewish army, but they are now the Jewish army and that their mission includes the need to protect and defend Jews anywhere in the world. If, God forbid, a pro-Islamic EU developed which persecuted Jews inside Europe, do not expect the nuclear-armed Israelis to stay on the sidelines. World War II would have unfolded very differently if there had been a militarily strong Jewish nation then as there is now. You can be sure that the intelligence agencies of many nations are scrutinizing everything inside Europe to look for any sign that the EU is about to attempt a militarily takeover of Europe.

A state of intense turmoil now exists in the world due to the revelation that the EU had plans to morph into a military superstate over Europe. Expect the media to minimize this danger, but you can be sure new alliances and contingency plans are being made in many nations all over Europe and in non-European nations as well. For example what do US forces inside Germany do if a German-led Europe suddenly demands that the American military turn over their weapons and nukes to a German/EU army? The US forces inside Europe are reported to have nukes. What if a German-led force decided to try and seize them in a blitzkrieg raid? The American people would demand war. Things could get ugly real fast…so it is imperative that the EU immediately drop its madcap totalitarian plans to take over nations and military assets all over Europe. It appears someone high in the EU power structure had decided that it would be far easier to take over Europe via unelected EU bureaucrats than with panzer divisions. Thanks to Poland for “blowing the whistle” on this malignant EU plan.

From a biblical perspective there is something worth noting. The British people are the Israelite tribe of Ephraim (along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand) as those who have read my books realize. Ephraim was the dominant tribe of the ancient kingdom of Israel–the northern kingdom of the ten tribes of Israel. Ephraim has just led the way out of a Europe which now appeared to be almost ready to seize and dismember the entire United Kingdom. Ephraim’s brother Anglo-Saxon tribe, Manasseh, gave birth to the American nation. Now that the British (Ephraim) has led the way with a vote to escape the control of the globalist elites, will the USA (Manasseh) follow in a few months in our presidential election? If you desire to see the evidence supporting these national identifications with ancient Israelite tribes, it is abundantly and persuasively available in my E-book, The “Lost”‘ Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! and my printed book, Israel’s Tribes Today, both of which are available at the home page of my website. You will understand modern geopolitics much better when you understand what modern nations are descended from which ancient empires and kingdoms.

Make no mistake. Hillary Clinton is the candidate of the elites and the establishment globalists in the US elections. Donald Trump is the candidate of the anti-establishment forces. We’ll see how this plays out. No one gave the “Leave” side much hope of winning the Brexit vote, but they did. The polls (gathered and manipulated by establishment entities that are part of the globalist forces) say Hillary is in the lead. However, I watched a cable-TV commentary by former Democratic pollster, Pat Caddell, who noted a recent poll showing Clinton up by 12% was a farce because its raw data was manipulated by the polling company to include “two and half times” the number of Democrats than an objective poll would include. If two and half times the number of Republican voters were included than would normally be objective in that poll, you can be sure Trump would have won the same poll. If you wish, I’ll bet you can find the interview on You Tube or via a web search.

I hope readers realize just how serious the situation now is inside Europe. While I don’t think war will occur, it is possible. Who would have guessed that this situation could have ever been possible? I think it is safe to say that all over Europe, people who thought they were allies are now looking at each in a different light. They won’t tip their hands publicly, but it might keep you up at night if you knew what commitments are being made among nations behind closed doors in response to the threat of the EU turning into a new Axis alliance inside Europe.

My thanks to readers who sent me some of these links.