Book Name: Grey Wolf–The Escape of Adolph Hitler
Authors: Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams
Year Released: 2011
Some of you are thinking: “Everyone ‘knows’ Hitler and Eva Braun died in a Berlin bunker at the end of the war.” That is exactly what we were all led to believe. That is what not only the Nazis but also the allies wanted the world to believe. However, the bodies of “Hitler and Eva Braun” proved to be the bodies of their real-life doubles and a portion of Hitler’s supposed skull, taken from the Berlin bunker but stored in Russia, was proven to be the skull of a woman when it was forensically tested long after the war ended. This book notes that Stalin never believed Hitler died in the bunker and that US General Eisenhower stated after the war: “There is every assumption that Hitler is dead, but not a bit of conclusive proof that he is dead” (emphasis not added). Russian Marshall Zhukov stated after the war was over: “We found no corpse that could be Hitler’s.” I’ll bet you didn’t hear any of those quotes in your history books.
I’m putting this post in the ten tribes blog as the life of Adolph Hitler affected virtually all the tribes of Israel in a very damaging way. The most damaged of all was the tribe of Judah, millions of whose members perished or endured the Nazi Holocaust. Since Genesis 49:5-7 prophesies that the tribes of Levi and Simeon will be scattered among the other tribes in the latter days, some of their members had to perish with the Jews in the death camps. The tribe of Levi would be especially intermingled with the tribe of Judah due to the prominence of the names Levi, Levine, Levinson, etc. and Cohen, Kahn, Kahane, etc. (which derive from the Hebrew word, Kohan, which means “priest”) among Jewish names. However, the modern nations of Ephraim and Manasseh (the British nations and the USA, respectively), were heavily involved in fighting Adolph Hitler’s Nazi regime, and Reuben (France), Zebulon (Holland), Benjamin (Norway), part of Dan (Denmark), etc. were occupied by the Germans in World War II. Issachar (Finland) was caught between Germany and Russia in the fighting; however, Naphtali (neutral Sweden) actually profited from its extensive iron ore trade with the Nazis throughout the war, as the book reveals. Since my own books identify the tribe of Gad as being part of the overall German nation, its members were also devastated by the Nazi rule of Germany.
This recently-released book has received almost no publicity. I’m not surprised as its revelations are most uncomfortable to just about everyone in the leadership of the modern western world. It is fascinating in many ways. It details, with very copious documentation, a secret deal that was made between the allies (particularly the USA) and the top Nazis as World War II neared its end. This ultra-secret deal resulted in the Nazis giving to the USA full lists of all the stolen artwork and where it was stored all over Europe, examples and blueprints of advanced German “wonder weapons,” the state-of-the-art rocketry crew led by SS Major Werner von Braun which had sent a missile into outer space before the war ended and invented the V-2 ballistic missiles, the Nazi’s only nuclear reactor, its heavy water supplies, and 1,100 tons of uranium ore that has been part of Germany’s nuclear development program. The Nazis greatly feared the communists and (accurately) saw Russia as the next enemy to be faced by the western world, and they wanted the USA, the strongest western nation, to have everything the Germans could give them to confront the threat of Soviet Communism after the war. The USA (and allies) in return, had to turn a blind eye to the escape of Adolph Hitler and Eva Braun, Martin Bormann, Klaus Barbie, Dr. Josef Mengele, and thousands of other top- and middle-ranking Nazis and SS men. This book makes the case that this deal was arranged via neutral Switzerland through the office of Allen Dulles, the local OSS leader. To facilitate these top-secret deals, Allen Dulles even had a direct radiotelephone link installed between himself and SS German General Kaltenbrunner and Reichsleiter Martin Bormann as the war neared its end. General Eisenhower set up top-secret detachments with personal letters from him to override the orders of any allied commander so these special detachments could go at breakneck speed to each location provided by Martin Bormann to recapture all the Nazi loot, technological secrets, etc. before the Soviets did. Since many sites, including the one holding most of the German uranium ore, were located in the Soviet zone, Eisenhower sent these teams deep into the Soviet zone to seize and extract these critical items before the duped Russians could locate them.
The exact air and sea escape route of Hitler, Eva Braun and Martin Bormann out of Europe and into Argentina is detailed in the book. Indeed, Martin Bormann felt so safe in post-war Europe that he didn’t leave for Argentina until 1947, two years after the war ended. Spain’s Fascist dictator, Francisco Franco, and Argentina’s leader Juan Peron, were indispensable to the escape of many Nazis, as were some Vatican leaders.  
Martin Bormann saw the war was lost as early as 1943 and began to prepare a hiding place in remote Patagonia for the escaping Fuhrer and many top Nazis. The plundered wealth, artwork and gold bullion of occupied Europe made this possible. It was laundered, stored and routed to front companies in neutral nations via very-willing Swiss banks. The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is particularly singled out in the book as the bank most helpful to the Nazis. The book has an entire chapter on what happened to European nations’ central bank gold reserves during the war. The routing and custody trail of the Belgian central bank gold is so bizarre that it would warrant a movie. This book offers historical evidence regarding how the global bankers dominated nations and profited from their ruin and bloodshed. It presents the global banking fraternity as being just as corrupt as Revelation 17-18 prophesies the end-time leaders of Babylon the Great to be just before their prophesied “hard fall” during the latter days. Indeed, it presents England’s and Germany’s top bankers as remaining best chums during the war whenever they met in neutral Switzerland to work jointly on matters being conducted by the Bank of International Settlements.
In case you are unconvinced yet, the book has a photo of Dr. Megele taken in a Brazlian restaurant in the 1970s, a photo of Hitler’s luxurious Patagonia chalet, and even redacted internal FBI documents about Hitler sightings in Argentina until 1962 when he died. As some small comfort to readers, Hitler died in ignominy and great pain.
The book also documents that many top German leaders (Himmler, Bormann, Kaltenbrunner, etc.) tried to arrange a deal with the Allies up to two years before the war ended, offering to kill Hitler and his top loyalists and join the Allies in fighting Russia’s communists. According to the book, Churchill, Eisenhower, Patton and others were receptive to the German offer, but FDR, ever-loyal to Joe Stalin, refused to consider it. Oddly, if the Allies had accepted this offer, the war in the West would have been reached far earlier and the death camps would have been exposed and shut down perhaps during the last 18 months of their operations. If the Allies had agreed to an early deal that would have had German and SS leaders kill Hitler, perhaps two million Jews who died in the last two years of the war would have lived. This book is full of surprises. One is that Allen Dulles caught US Vice-President Wallace with incriminating evidence of his involvement with US secrets being given to the enemy which required FDR to remove him from the Democratic ticket and replace him with Harry Truman. The post World-War II world would have been very different if the leftist Henry Wallace had become president of the USA after FDR’s death instead of Harry Truman. There are many more secrets revelaed in this book. You’ll have to read it to learn them all. I highly recommend this book!
I bought my copy on It is also sold via Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Co., PO Box 15, Falls Village, CT  06031-0015.