Just days ago it came to my attention that the readers of this website who attempted to order any of my printed books on the history of the ten tribes of Israel could not do so due to a hidden technical glitch. Those who attempted to order books likely received the same error message that I did when I recently attempted to access my publisher’s website. The message read: “Your connection is not secure,” and orders could not be processed.

I contacted the publisher about the problem, and we both checked to see what connectivity issues were nonfunctional. For whatever reason, none of the “order” buttons at my website for my four printed titles on the ten tribes series were able to connect to the publisher’s order-processing links. Indeed, I could not even directly access the publisher’s website via Mozilla Firefox, and the publisher could not directly access their own website via Google Chrome. Both of our websites functioned properly via internal links so we were unaware the external links from my website to the publisher’s were nonfunctional. Once available retroactive data was considered, this glitch may have been affecting book orders since early June 2017. Apparently, the link for ordering my E-book on the ten tribes of Israel was functioning properly.

The publisher contacted the appropriate internet entities about this connectivity problem, and I’m pleased to inform readers that this problem has now been resolved. Those who attempted to order books and were unable to do so due to this glitch can now do so. Please accept my apologies for any difficulties or delays experienced in attempting to order my books.

If this problem is ever experienced again, please notify the publisher’s website via email and give them details about any difficulties in processing your book orders. You may contact the publisher at: info@bibleblessings.net or administrator@bibleblessings.net. While it is slower to use snail mail, I urge you to also inform me about any book ordering problems at: Steven M. Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD, 57109-8735. If the publisher’s book-ordering links are down, I can also process most book orders from American buyers as well (international and most bulk orders are best processed at the publisher’s website).