In the epilogue section of “The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found”, a 2nd book is mentioned that goes into the days of Noah.  What is the name of that book, where can I purchase it, and what is the cost.

Naomi Jackson


Dear Naomi,

Thanks for your inquiry. When I wrote my first book, /The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, /I expected that my next book would be about the pre-Flood world of Noah. However, so much new information became available about the history and migrations of the ten tribes of Israel that I expanded my initial book about the ten tribes of Israel into a new set of four derivative books (the set available at the book links of my website) on the subject of the history, migrations and modern locations of the ten tribes.  The new books also had photos, illustrations and indexes which were not in my initial book, and researching, writing and bringing into print these four books took additional years of effort. As I also saw considerable urgency in informing people about the modern ramifications of biblical prophecies about the ten tribes in the latter days (a subject the Bible addresses a great deal), I have been passing on this information to the general public in my research reports on prophecy and also via the Gog-Magog blog at this website.

When/if I do find the time to write an additional book, I intend that it/ will/ be about the pre-Flood world of Noah and the immediate aftermath of the Flood leading up to the events at the tower of Babel. You can get a preview of some of the subjects that will be addressed in such a book by checking out the link, “As It Was in the Days of Noah,” available at the “speeches” tab at the homepage of this website. I would very much like to write such a book, but time has not been available yet to do the project. I believe the book would completely revolutionize our views about the ancient world. One of the obstacles in having time to do the work for this book are my own chronic health problems and chronic pain (I’ve been on a disability retirement since 1983) as well as family responsibilities and issues (my youngest child is still in High School plus my wife is recovering from a complete hip replacement surgery and I am her care-giver). I would appreciate your prayers (and the prayers of others) for God to grant significant healing and pain relief in order to permit me to write such a future book. Many thanks to those who will add me to their prayer list!