It became clear (again) that the Big Banks in the global financial system can get away with the equivalent of “financial murder” without any bank official having to pay any personal penalties for financial crimes. The US Department of Justice, the US Federal Reserve Board and other regulators just reached a settlement agreement with five Big Banks who paid $5 billion for their “brazenly illegal behavior” (quote from first link) in rigging foreign exchange rates of monetary currencies from 2007 till 2013. That’s a long time! What it means is that there really was no “free market” in the foreign exchange rate markets for at least six years. We also know that Big Bank employees rigged the LIBOR interest rates that affect rates throughout the world (a fact referenced in the second link). Indeed, the second link’s report reports that the Big banks were “felons” for their financial criminality.

Hmm. The first link reports the Big Banks’ activities as “brazenly illegal behavior” and the second refers to them as “felons.” I don’t disagree at all. Given this fact, one wonders how many of the Big Banks’ CEOs, Board Members, CFOs, high and low officials alike knew and profited from this criminal behavior. After all, if you know what is going to happen in big, global financial markets before the actions occur, you can make immense profits by making personal trades in your behalf that you know will always be profitable. It is the perfect “insider trading” crime. This criminal market rigging went on for at least six years! The Big Bank officials and employees who knew what was going on were clearly crooks and had a vast opportunity to enrich themselves by making trades guaranteed to be profitable due to the banks’ own criminal acts. Who wouldn’t have wanted to get in on that action?

So we ask the obvious and necessary question; How many Big Bank officials and employees got arrested? Answer: None. How many got charged for their crimes and felonies? Answer: None. How many got indicted by the USA regulatory officials who investigated these “brazen” crimes? Answer: None. This is the real story in this matter, and all law-abiding citizens and investors ought to be furious at this egregious dereliction of duty by the regulators. How can they let all these “felons” and perpetrators of “brazen” crimes go unpunished and not arrested? The most obvious reason for this inexplicable favoritism toward the crooks is that the regulators are “in bed” with the criminals. One wonders how many regulators knew about this criminal behavior and also profited via personal trades that were guaranteed to make money because of the rigged markets.

I haven’t yet seen one media source ask the glaringly obvious question that is begged: How many bank employees, regulators, relatives, buddies, etc. knew about the illegal market rigging activity and profited from it via personal financial trades and investments? Did the Department of Justice even investigate this obvious course of investigation?

At least one regulator still has a conscience. The third link reports that an SEC Member, Kara Stein, refused in an “angrily worded dissent” to allow the Big Banks fined for their market manipulations to be given “waivers” by the US government agencies so these Big Banks can continue to be participants and market-makers in the markets they rigged for years! The Big Banks have apparently been getting these waivers from government regulators regularly each time they pay fines for criminal market manipulation schemes. She added: “It is troubling enough to consistently grant waivers for criminal misconduct.” She is SO right. Apparently, no other US regulator shared her views. The fact that the banks get to continue being big players in the markets they rigged and that no Big Bank officials got arrested and charged with felonies means that market-rigging by Big Banks is likely to continue in the future. They pay fines as a mere cost of doing business, and go right on to the next scheme. This is scandalous. These reports and fines also reinforce my belief that all global financial markets are rigged by insiders.

This also affirms and fulfills Bible prophecy. Revelation 17-18 foretell that in the latter days of our age, a global financial/monetary system will be present which will be exceptionally corrupt. Revelation 2:3 prophesies that the “merchants of the earth” will be in league with the “kings of the earth” in mutual, corrupt activities which allow them both to enrich themselves at the expense of the entire world! The “merchants of the earth” is an apt phrase for today’s multinational corporations who, quite literally, do business all over the earth. The phrase “kings of the earth” refers to the politicians, regulators, heads-of-state, etc. who are in high government positions all over the earth. Revelation 18:12-13 reveals all the items that this corrupt alliance between global merchants and global government officials are involved in (and rigging) to their own private enrichment. It lists the precious metals markets, the base metals markets, the food and commodity markets, all kinds of retail trades, and it includes “chariots” and “the souls of men.” In modern terms, chariots would refer to automobiles, trucks, etc., so this would include the auto loan markets. The phrase “souls of men” could mean actual slavery (think blood diamonds, horrible working conditions where people labor for slave wages, sex trafficking, etc., and it could also mean the entire global market of corporate and personal loans. For example, a mortgage originator starts a housing loan, but that loan is eventually sold to some other financial institution who “carries the paper.” The person who takes out the loan is not consulted and is a “debt slave” for the term of that loan. Governmental debt makes “slaves”‘ of each nation’s citizens as these debts eventually become unpayably large due to the corruption of the politicians (think what is going on now in Greece as an example).

Revelation 18:3 has been fulfilled very accurately in our modern world, confirming the Bible was inspired by an all-powerful Creator Being who can control or guide events so his prophecies get fulfilled (a fact the Bible’s God challenges everyone to notice in Isaiah 41:21-26). The Big Bankers who have got off “Scot-free” for their crimes courtesy of the blind or complicit regulators had better enjoy their ill-gotten gains while they can. Revelation 17-18 prophesies that they will come to a very bad end as this age comes to a close in future years. Revelation 17-18 call this current global financial system “The Great Whore” or “Babylon the Great.” They prophesy that a cryptic collection of nations or entities called “the seven heads and ten horns” will plot to overthrow the current global financial system and that God has decreed that their plot will succeed. Revelation 17:16 indicates that this will be a very hard fall for Babylon the Great and all its insiders. They will be replaced by a new global system headed by someone called “the beast” in Revelation’s prophecies, and Revelation 13:1-5 reveals his reign will be a mere 42 months, after which Jesus Christ returns and sets up his Divine millennial government all over the earth (Revelation 19:11-20:4). Revelation 18:17 and 19 prophesy that the current global trading system will collapse in “one hour.” This was understood as metaphorical language for centuries before modern technology became extant. Modern global trading markets are so intertwined that if one market collapses, they could all literally collapse in just one hour due to a computer-trading cascade (especially when the nations in the “seven heads and ten horns” arrange and expedite the collapse). The book of Revelation is right on target in its prophetic language!

For more on why the Bible refers to our modern global final system as Babylon the Great, I invite you to read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, and for an in-depth examination of Revelation 17-18’s prophecy to our modern world, I suggest my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System? God has revealed in many biblical prophecies a great deal about the future events that will transpire on our earth in future years. The Bible does not set a specific date for this collapse to occur, so neither will I. However, does it not behoove you to read what the Bible says will happen in the future, given the remarkable accuracy of the Bible in its prophecies to date?