The many weaknesses displayed by President Joe Biden and his administration are painfully obvious to the entire world. These weaknesses cause traditional US allies to doubt the resolve and reliability of the USA as an ally, and there are signs that US allies are either making new alliances or distancing themselves from the USA until such time the USA can again be trusted.

There are many factors that are causing other nations to increasingly see the USA as an unreliable ally, but there are two major ones which cannot be hidden. The first was the decision by Joe Biden soon after he entered the White House to surrender territory and tens of billions of dollars worth of US military equipment to the Taliban in Biden’s panicky withdrawal from Afghanistan. Amazingly, Biden ordered the US military to flee as quickly as possible from Afghanistan and abandon their weaponry as they left. Biden did not even consider how many “friendly” Afghans he was abandoning to the Taliban’s mercies. The sight of friendly Afghans trying to hang on to the wheel wells of fleeing US military aircraft (and falling to their deaths) reminded me of the famous scene of the “Last helicopter out of Saigon” when the USA fled Vietnam. Biden’s order to the US military to flee in an all-out surrender mode was, in my opinion, one of the worst acts of cowardice that any US president has ever done.

The second act of extreme weakness by Joe Biden and his presidency is Biden’s failure (and his outright refusal) to protect the USA’s own borders! It is obvious from many news media accounts that the US Southern border is not only being invaded by a flood of illegals entering the nation, but Biden’s refusal to protect the border is allowing so much illicit fentanyl to enter the USA that estimates I’ve seen are stating 100,000 Americans are killed annually by this drug which is lethal is very minute quantities. What a weakling Biden shows himself to be in refusing to protect the USA’s own border and refusing to protect American citizens from being poisoned by fentanyl in ever increasing numbers.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, Biden’s policies have made him the de facto ally of the drug lords. Biden is making it very easy for the drug lords to ship their lethal and dangerous drugs into the nation with impunity. Think how this spectacle looks to ALL foreign nations. America’s allies must be shaking their heads in disbelief that America has a weak dotard as a president. Surely other nations’ leaders must be thinking: If a Biden-led America won’t even defend its own borders and territory, why should we trust America to help protect our borders and territory? In spite of any efforts by the mainstream media to cover up for Biden, most Americans, according to one poll, believe the USA is losing influence in the world since Biden entered the White House (first link). In another example of how Communist China is inserting itself into America’s internal affairs, a Chinese Communist official was featured at a recent New Year’s Eve event in New York City (second link).

Here are some examples of how the rest of the world is slipping away from American leadership. Tensions are building on many issues between the USA and its key ally, Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu is again Israel’s Prime Minister, but this time he attained office via an alliance with rightist and religious parties. His government will implement much more nationalistic policies with a clear governing coalition of Israeli political parties who favor Israel taking such nationalistic actions (third link). This puts him at odds with Biden’s agenda for the Mideast, but Biden commands little respect in the region because of the aforementioned weaknesses of Biden’s government. The fourth link notes that Turkey, a NATO member, has pursued its own independent policies vis-à-vis the Russian-Ukrainian war, apparently with little or no input from Washington, DC. South Africa has conducted naval exercises not with the US and NATO navies, but with the navies of Russia and China (fifth link). I don’t think South Africa would have sent such an anti-American message if a strong, pro-American president were in the White House.

An important meeting was held recently in the Mideast in which the USA, Israel, Egypt, the UAE, Morocco and Bahrain participated. Jordan refused to come to the meeting, despite “entreaties from the Biden administration” (sixth link). One definition of “to entreat” is “to beg” according to one dictionary on my bookshelf. The Biden administration is so weak it has to “beg” some nations to participate in key events. If the USA had a strong president, I think Jordan would have been at that important meeting. The Abraham Accords, midwifed by the Trump administration, is still producing striking results in the Mideast. The UAE, a Sunni Arab nation, has announced it will introduce Holocaust education into its national school curricula (seventh link). That a Sunni Arab nation is introducing pro-Jewish themes into its national educational system, shows how strong the developing ties between Israel and the UAE really are becoming. In another important Mideast development, a high Israeli source announced Iran is just “days or weeks” away from enriching its uranium stockpiles to a 90% level–the level needed to make nuclear warheads. Even more importantly, an Israeli spokesman indicated the Israeli’s should prepare for an Israeli strike on Iran and added that “American permission to conduct an attack on Iran would not be necessary… (eighth link).” Consider the ramifications of this Israeli assertion. In the past, an attack on Iran would almost surely have been cleared or even coordinated with the American government. Israel is essentially telling the Biden administration to stay out of the matter. I suspect that Israel no longer trusts sharing key intelligence information with the Biden government due to Biden being associated with the pro-Iranian policies of the Obama-Biden administration and Biden’s recent attempt to restore life to the pro-Iranian nuclear agreement between Iran and various Western nations. I think Israel fears that if it shared key intelligence information with Biden’s officials about an imminent strike vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities, that someone in the Biden administration would leak it to the Iranians very quickly.

In Asia, the president of South Korea announced his nation may have to develop its own nuclear weapons given the severe threat from nuclear-armed North Korea (ninth link). South Korea has long dwelt under the US “nuclear umbrella,” but this announcement indicates that its faith in US resolve to defend South Korea with American nuclear weapons if necessary is waning. In a previous post, I documented that Japan is essentially doubling its defense spending since Biden took office. This shows Japan also is doubting America’s resolve to help Japan in any future war, and that Japan realizes it must prepare its defenses to stand alone if necessary.

The above examples confirm that many nations, some of which are traditional US allies, are doubting American resolve and reliability under a Joe Biden administration. This dynamic makes war more likely in one or more of the current hot spots in world geopolitics (South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula, the Mideast, etc.). After abandoning Afghanistan and in its ongoing abandonment of America’s own southern border, Biden is showing that he is very weak and that America is very much a diminished player in world geopolitics.

As an American, it pains me to write the above material, but America’s diminished position in the world under Joe Biden is a result of Biden’s own actions and policies. The Bible has a passage where it addresses the dynamics of a nation’s rise and its decline. In Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, God lists blessings he will give to nations that follow his commandments and instructions, and he also lists the punishments he will bring on nations that disobey and ignore them. I suggest you read these chapters and see if you think you can see in them the blessings and greatness that was bestowed on America when we acknowledged the laws of the Judeo-Christian ethic as well as the current afflictions and troubles happening to America as it abandons God’s laws and ways. Consistent with the theme of this post, I’d like to especially draw your attention to Leviticus 26:19. In this verse, God warns nations that he will “break the pride of your power” when nations go wayward. America still has power, but it is losing its resolve (“pride” in the King James Version terminology) to use its power in any really effective way, and other nations see this reality. As the above-cited actions show, nations are preparing to “go it alone” in matters of their national security because the USA under Joe Biden is seen as too weak and unreliable to be trusted as an ally.

Given that Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 state God will intensify his punishments on nations if they continue to disobey him, and given that the Leftists currently running the USA’s government and institutions are growing ever more boldly rebellious against God’s laws and ways, the future does not look bright for the USA. National repentance would result in God’s blessings on our nation again, but such repentance seems nowhere in sight….yet.