Before I discuss the biblical prophecies referenced in the title of this post, I have some updates and timely comments to offer in light of what we now know about the Hamas attacks upon Israeli civilians.

It seems that an Israeli ground invasion is about to begin, and much heavier casualties are almost certain. Recent media reports indicate the Israeli armored forces have already made some initial incursions into Northern Gaza. My previous post should have convinced anyone that the Hamas terrorists were cruel and inhuman in their manner of murdering Israelis in their attack and how they treated them after they were captured. One can only imagine how the hostages are being treated now. Israel is correct in asserting that Hamas must be destroyed so it can never do this again. The first three links (1, 2, 3) add more information about this aspect of the invasion if you wish to review them.

In my previous post, I raised the possibility that the extremely vicious manner of the Hamas terrorists inside Israel might swing some Arab nations to abandon the knee-jerk, pro-Hamas reactions and recognize Israel’s right to defend itself and wipe out its attackers. That has happened. The reactions of many Sunni Muslim nations have been rather muted, and the reaction of the UAE has offered comments in sympathy with Israel. The fourth link and fifth link report that the UAE was “appalled” at the behavior of Hamas and it expressed its condolences to the Israelis. The UAE also warned Syria to stay out of the Israel-Hamas war and warned it to further not allow attacks upon Israel from Syrian territory. This is a clear warning to Iran and Hezbollah. No doubt, Israel appreciates this support very much. However, to help make sure Syria does not allow attacks upon Israel from its territory, there are media reports that Israel’s air force attacked two Syrian international airports and put them out of operation. The sixth link also reports that the UAE has called the Hamas attack a serious “escalation” of the dangers in the Mideast. It is also noteworthy that in spite of the calls of some for “humanitarian corridors via border crossings between Egypt and Gaza, Egypt has said “no” to such an option so far. Egypt sees how evil Hamas terrorists are and it understandably doesn’t want Hamas operatives running around free in Egypt either. Amazingly, there are groups both in the USA and around the world that are supporting Hamas. Such support for very evil terrorists is really sick. The seventh link reports that Black Lives Matter (BLM) has supported Hamas. Supporting Hamas in any way is unconscionable in my opinion.

There are more media stories on how Hamas was able to so easily invade Israel through the supposedly secure Gaza Border Wall. Many theories abound. Here are some of the possible contributing factors in my view (eighth link). Clearly, Israel underestimated Hamas’ capabilities. Israel also forgot the lessons of history. Israel almost lost the Yom Kippur War in 1973 when Egypt and Syria attacked Israel on a High Holy Day. On such days, the IDF has only a small force on duty as most soldiers are sent home to celebrate the Holy Day with their families. Since 50 years had passed, Israel likely figured that tactic would never be used again. However, the day Hamas attacked was a High Holy Day and the number of soldiers on duty would have been greatly reduced. I also saw a story (I think it was on CBS) that Israel makes it hard for civilians to own guns. That was a shock to me. You’d think with Israel’s security threats, every civilian capable of handling weapons should be armed. The story indicated that few Israeli civilians were able to shoot back at their attackers. If they had all been armed, the Hamas terrorists would have been gunned down in every city they entered. Hamas also learned from their Iranian sponsors. Iran has been prominent in making high-quality, military attack drones. Russia has purchased high numbers of Iranian drones to use against Ukraine. Hamas had high-tech drones which approached the Wall and dropped munitions on the guard towers of the Gaza Wall so the Israeli heavy weapons were disabled. One Israeli doctor in an interview said that there were so many automated defense systems in the Border Wall that it was not thought that many soldiers were needed. These automated defense systems were clearly not working during the Hamas attack. This argues that Hamas found a way to hack into the Israeli defense computers and shut down Israel’s automated defense systems. I also wonder if Iran/Hamas used AI applications to accomplish such hacking attacks.

I think the United States and other Western nations ought to learn a serious lesson from how easily Hamas breached Israeli defenses. The same tactics could be used against Western nations with variations. Many “refugees” (often men of military age) have been entering the USA and European/NATO nations. How many of these “refugees” are actually sent to the Western nations to become sleeper cell members who will attack host nations if a war breaks out involving those nations and Iran. The USA is especially vulnerable. The Biden administration is allowing incredible numbers of foreigners to illegally enter the USA. Only a fool would think these illegals don’t include terrorist infiltrators in their midst. There have been reports that thousands of Chinese and hundreds of Iranians have been entering the USA. Iran sees that the Biden administration is blind to this obvious danger. The ninth link and tenth link report that almost 700 Iranians and approximately 10,000 illegals from China have been encountered at the American southern border. If just half of these are being inserted into the USA to be activated as sleeper cell terrorists in the event of a war between the USA and Iran, think of the damage they could do! They could do to American civilians the same horrible acts that Hamas has done to Israeli civilians. Some of their sleeper cells could quickly kill the occupants of small American towns and hoist the Iranian flag over them. They might even issue messages on social media saying: “Thank you Mr. Biden for letting us into the USA so easily!” The political repercussions vs. Biden and the Democrats in power will be very swift and angry if this happens. It could get even worse. We know China is furnishing the ingredients for making Fentanyl and is working with Mexican drug cartels that bring it into the USA. How many Americans could they kill if they put large doses of fentanyl into municipal water supplies all over the nation? Millions of Americans could die. Other terrorists could attack key nodes in the electric grids and also blow up natural gas pipelines. America lives in a “fools paradise” where we assume “it couldn’t happen here.” It could! America guards almost no key infrastructures inside our nation so we are especially vulnerable. If you ever hear that Iranian/Chinese sleeper cell terrorists are attacking inside the USA I’d suggest not drinking your municipal water until you KNOW it is safe. Have bottled water and other necessities on hand in case this ever happens.

Now for the biblical prophecies regarding the Israeli nation in the latter days. To apply them to our modern times, it must be proven that we are living in the latter days. My article in the eleventh link does so conclusively. We must also prove that the Israelis/Jews are the subject of biblical prophecies re: Judah. That is also done conclusively in the twelfth link and thirteen link. Let us first look at Genesis 49:8-10. This is a prophecy for the tribe of Judah in the latter days (Genesis 49:1). The language in verses 8-10 describe Judah as a “lion’s whelp” which means a young, small lion. The Israeli nation is, indeed, a small and young nation in the modern world, having been founded as recently as 1948. The language also foretells the Jewish nation will be like a predator vs its prey when it goes to war. That has already been fulfilled a number of times in Israel’s wars, and it may be on the verge of fulfilling it again. Zephaniah 2 includes a prophecy about the Mideast in the
“day of the Lord’s anger” (another descriptive phrase of the the latter days). It includes the warning that “Gaza shall be forsaken,” and that “the coast shall be for the remnant of Judah and it adds Ashkelon will become a Jewish city (verse 7). In 1948, the new Jewish state was born and it possessed the coastal region of the Promised Land as well as the city of Ashkelon. Such detail in fulfillment strongly confirms a Divine Hand in fulfilling a prophecy so detailed. Notice that nothing is said about the city of Jerusalem in this prophecy. This indicates that the Old City of Jerusalem will not be in the Jewish state at the time it is founded. That happened in 1948 also. Verse 6 also predicts that border conflicts will be common between the Jewish nation and its neighbors. Another very specific prophecy fulfilled!

In Zechariah 12:1-9 prophesies that by the time of the end of the latter days, Jerusalem is closely linked to the nation of Judah. Notice how many times “Judah and Jerusalem” are linked synonymously in this prophecy. This strongly infers that Jerusalem will become the capital of the Jewish state some time during the latter days. This has also happened after the Israelis won a war which made Jerusalem part of Israel. The phrase “in that day” is used repeatedly in this chapter which refers to the “Day of the Lord” at the close of the latter day period. God promises in Zechariah 12:3 that all nations which come against Jerusalem and Judah will be “cut in pieces.” Verses 6-9 include God’s promises he will not allow the Jewish state to fall in the latter days. Zechariah 14 is a prophecy about Judah and Jerusalem in the “Day of the Lord”–and the great battles at the end of our age. Revelation calls this final world war “Armageddon” which means “hill of Megiddo” (Revelation 16:12-21). I have been to the rim of the hills surrounding the Valley of Jezreel and in sight of the Megiddo location. It is a huge area for armies to maneuver and deploy. Zechariah 14 is entirely about the wars at the end of the age and the beginning of the Messianic Age/Millennium. Verses 1-4 prophecy that Jerusalem will be a major battleground and that when half of it is conquered, God Himself enters the battle and destroys the attackers of the city. This shows Judah will be saved by the Almighty, but it also shows the Israelis will be far from unscathed at the very last battle of this war. The Messiah comes and stands on the Mount of Olives (we Christians see this as the return of Jesus Christ–Acts 1:9-12 records he ascended to heaven from the Mount of Olives and that is where he will return). Zechariah 14:12-14 foretells that those who attack Judah and Jerusalem will be annihilated in a way where their flesh consumes off their bodies before they have time to fall over. This could be the same kind of death depicted for a group of Nazis in the hit movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. It could also describe the effects of atomic bombs being used on the invaders against the Israeli nation and the city of Jerusalem. In an atomic explosion, bodies melt in the affected zone. Either way, God or Israeli nukes will fulfill this prophecy. It could be that both will happen. These options are not mutually exclusive.

Obviously, I do not know the specific details regarding how the impending Israeli-Hamas war will unfold, but, based on biblical prophecies, I expect an Israeli win.