This post is devoted to the general subject of urging readers of this blog to be critical readers of all media articles in this increasingly troubled “latter day” period of time. Governments, the media, corporate entities, etc. will all attempt to manage and manipulate the news and the perception of events as we draw nearer to the time when God will cause the collapse of the Babylon the Great system that now dominates the globe. A glaring example of how contradictory and misleading news headlines can be appeared in today’s issue of the USA Today, and I wanted to draw it to your attention.

On page 3A of today’s (March 27, 2014) print version of the USA Today is an article entitled “Obama says West is united against Russia” (first link). In this article, President Obama obviously wants to give the impression that the USA and its western partners are united behind his leadership in their response to Russia’s seizure of the Crimea from the Ukraine. The headline of that article certainly gives that impression. However, on page 6B of the very same daily issue of the USA Today, is an article entitled “Sanctions can hurt Russia, If EU can take pain” (second link) This article details the deep disunity among the Western/European nations and the USA about what they are willing to do about Russia’s seizure of the Crimea from the Ukraine. The second article was honest about the deep divisions among the western nations re: how to respond to Russia at this time, and offers much detail about those divisions. I did a double-take when reading these two articles as it made today’s USA Today’s coverage of the western response to Russia at this time seem schizophrenic.

The second article stated that the EU will find it “nearly impossible” to agree on what course of action to take vis à vis Russia. It quite accurately reports that Russia’s Vladimir Putin is “unfazed” by any sanctions placed on him thus far. Indeed, the “sanctions” placed on Russia to date are so weak it is almost laughable to call them “sanctions.” The article notes that any further sanctions on Russia could actually end up hurting the USA, Canada and the EU nations. Indeed, the divisions among the EU nations (many of which are also in NATO) are so intractable that the article states that “…if Russia were to try to invade the country [the Ukraine] as some fear, the 28 EU member states will not agree on targeting the energy sector [of Russia]  with sanctions, say some analysts (emphasis added).” Did you grasp the importance of that statement? It asserts that the western nations are so deeply dis-united re: Russia that many western nations will not impose meaningful energy sanctions on Russia even if Russia invades the eastern Ukraine! Indeed, they can hardly do so as many European nations are dependent on Russian energy supplies sent to Europe from Russia via Gazprom, the Russian energy conglomerate. The article also observes that the “Ukraine remains the main corridor to bring gas and crude oil to Europe…”

That last fact brings up a grim possibility that I have not seen considered so far in the media. Let’s assume that Russia does invade eastern Ukraine to annex more provinces of the Ukraine into Russia (or should we call it the re-birthing of the USSR?) If the European nations do nothing in response to a Russian invasion of more Ukrainian provinces, what if the Ukraine, which controls the energy pipelines to Europe, decides to cut off the oil and gas pipeline supplies to Europe to compel the EU nations to take action vs. Russia? If this happens, things could get really ugly real fast. Many European nations will find themselves in the position of being “damned if they do and damned if they don’t”. The content of this second link, which states the 28 nations of the EU will not agree to impose any meaningful sanctions if Russia invades eastern Ukraine practically gives Russia the “green light” to do that very thing, doesn’t it?

In a related sidebar, Obama is currently on a state visit to a number of European nations. It’s worth your time to see what happened after Obama finished his message to a large room of European attendees (third link). The President of the United States concludes his remarks to a European audience and what happens? Nothing. The sullen silence is deafening. It seems that only one person clapped and that clapping was so desultory it may have been an insult. I’ll bet the establishment American media will not show this clip to American audiences. Europeans are realizing, I think, that Obama is leading the West, like a collection of lemmings, toward a very perilous precipice. I think many Americans see it too, given President Obama’s low poll numbers. However, many Americans are still believing the headlines like the one in the first link.

Expect more misdirection and outright deception in government pronouncements and media headlines as the precipice (the collapse of the modern Babylon the Great political/monetary/financial system as prophesied in Revelation 17-18) draws nearer. Let’s finish where we started. The first headline says, “Obama says West is united against Russia.” Do you believe him? Be aware that future headline you will read (or watch) in media outlets may be just as deceptive. However, it is rare that you will see a headline in a major newspaper that shreds the credibility of a headline in another part of the same newspaper on the same day, as happened in today’s print version of the USA Today.

New readers may be unfamiliar with the reasons that Bible prophecy refers to today’s modern global political/monetary system as “Babylon the Great.” That is explained in my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. The prophesied eventual collapse of the modern political/monetary system is detailed in my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall, Ushering in a Global Beast System?. If you read these articles, you will understand what governments and the media are not telling you about what is happening behind the scenes in modern geopolitical events. As always, I do not make any prediction re; when this collapse will occur. However, global events indicate that it is drawing nearer.