Dear Steve,  

I just want to say thank you for your indepth research on the tribe of Benjamin.  The Lord has really instilled upon my heart that the tribe of Benjamin is where my roots stem from.  The scripture passage of Genesis 49:27 that you refer to is what The Lord keeps drawing me to, about Benjamin being a “ravin wolf”.  Can you please help me to understand more about this verse.  Is this verse of scripture to be a blessing or a curse to Benjamin and his desendents.  I am having a tough time grasping what this is saying, and feel The Lord has lead me to you for a clearer understanding.  

Thank You.  
Lawrence from Iowa.


Dear Lawrence,
Thanks for your positive comments on my research. In regards to your question, I don’t think the prophecy about Benjamin “ravining” like a “wolf” is meant to be either a blessing or a curse. I think it is simply a statement of fact about Benjamin’s heritage that will be linked to a specific nation in the latter days. The Norse Vikings did “ravin” in raiding parties (“wolfpacks”) out of the north for centuries. This Viking heritage is linked to Norway more than any other nation.
Genesis 49’s clues can include geographic clues, but most of them address various cultural and/or historical traits which can be linked to modern nations in the latter days. The clue for Issachar does offer a clue about the tribe’s geographical condition (it will be a buffer state between larger powers), but it doesn’t point to a specific geographic location as does the clue for Zebulon. The clue for Norway does point to a northern location by likening Benjamin to a wolf as wolves are typical of northern climates.
Steve Collins