With the Christian foundations of our nation crumbling, and with our national leaders driving the nation into endless and unpayable debt levels and what seems to be an inevitable national bankruptcy; it is increasingly clear that there is no human or political solution to our national problems! Our national problems are so numerous and so out-of-control that only God can solve them. Below is a blog post which I wrote in 2009 on this subject, which I think is even more timely today than when it was originally written. While some long-time readers of this website will recall this post, many new readers will not have previously seen it. For all Christians, regardless of their denominational or organizational affiliations, the post below outlines what we need to be praying at this critical time in our nation’s history. James 5:16 reminds us that the fervent, effectual prayer of a single righteous person can “avail much.” Think how much more an effect the corporate prayers of all believers could have if we all were consistently offering prayers to our Creator as called for in this previous post reproduced below. As the scriptures themselves say, God wants us to offer these kinds of prayers to him so he will give our nation a reprieve and that he will “heal our land.” I hope this post will motivate every reader to offer consistent, fervent prayers to God to ask him to rescue our nation.