Something very important has happened in Cyprus which may have many unintended consequences for the global bankers and financial/monetary elites. I think it has large biblical prophetic implications as well. I’m sure that readers have heard about the strange plan suddenly imposed on Cyprus’ bank depositors to have 6.75% of the citizens’ insured bank deposits confiscated to pay off Cyprus’ debts (apparently) to foreign banks. This was announced at the same time a bank closure of all banks in Cyprus was imposed for a reported four-day period. This set off a firestorm.
Until now, insured bank deposits were thought to be sacrosanct as a safe place to preserve money in all nations. However, this attempt to seize Cypriot depositors’ insured deposits set off warning bells all over the world that banks are not as safe a place to store money as people thought. If this could happen in a western world nation, it could happen anywhere. Initial reports that I heard were conflicting. Some said the IMF imposed this measure while others said Eurozone nations or EU banks were forcing the issue. I watched the Lawrence Kudlow program on CNBC and there was a discussion between Mr. Kudlow and various analysts that discussed whether this seizure attempt would trigger bank runs not only in Cyprus when their banks reopened but whether bank runs would also be triggered in such nations as Spain, Italy and other nations with deep debt problems. Their discussion included words such as “odd,” “out-of-the-blue” and “scary” to describe the attempted seizure of insured bank deposits on Cyprus. The Cypriot people rebelled against this action and Cyprus’ parliament overwhelmingly said “Hell No!” to the plan and refused to implement it. Some accounts focused on the major Russian connection to Cyprus’ banks and reports that large amounts of Russian money may be laundered or recycled via Cypriot banks. This brings Russia into this matter. Please read the links below which describe in depth the above-cited aspects of this story.
This attempt to seize a percentage of the insured bank deposits in an entire nation is a “shot heard round the world.” If the banker elites attempted this in one nation, what is to stop them from trying to do the same in any nation that has huge debt problems. The USA has huge debt problems as a nation. Could insured bank deposits in the USA be seized too some day? The banker elites did not think this action through at all in my opinion. They just gave everyone in every nation, sovereign wealth fund and large and small investors in the world a very good reason to not keep money in banks. Their own greedy action could trigger future bank runs which will end up damaging the very banks which attempted to have the insured deposits seized to pay Cyprus’ debts off to various banks. This strange seizure attempt also raises other far bigger worries. If even insured bank deposits can be seized by nations or large banks, what about other money pools which are supposedly “safe?” Could desperate national governments and large banks seek to have a percentage of stock portfolios in brokerage accounts seized? What about bond funds and mutual funds of all kinds? What about IRA funds? The action in Cyprus now raises the question in minds all over the world: What really is a safe investment any longer?”  This is a huge issue and the BBC and other media outlets covered it well, but I watched the evening news on ABC, NBC and CBS here in the USA and, switching back and forth between the channels, I didn’t hear a single word on their broadcasts about this massive story on the day it broke. This convinced me that “the word” had been given to keep as many Americans as possible from hearing about this story. Given the fact that Americans are the world’s biggest debtors, this story may have real significance for the future of every American. Are “insured” bank deposits anywhere safe any more?
There is also, I believe, more here than meets the eye. I think this unprecedented action is like the tip of an iceberg revealing that a titanic struggle is going on behind the scenes in the global financial world for dominance or, perhaps, even survival. That the EU, the IMF, large global banks and Russia are involved in this story means, to me, that much more is happening behind the scenes than the masses are being told. It also indicates to me that this attempted seizure of a large chunk of the insured deposits in Cyprus means that many nations and large banks are becoming much more desperate than they are admitting. This kind of action wouldn’t even be considered in “normal” financial times. It reeks of behind-the-scenes desperation.
One final note:  the IMF was reported to be either the instigator or a cooperative party in this seizure effort in various media stories. The media has just reported (see link six) that the private home of the Director of the IMF has just been raided by the French police. The link cites unrelated reasons for the raid, but I find the timing of the raid (just after the IMF was involved somehow in the attempted seizure of  a large percentage of the insured deposits of an entire nation) to indicate to me that the reported reason for the raid may just be a cover story. Great fissures are opening in the global financial system. Those of us in the masses are not privy to what all is really going on behind closed doors in the halls of power around the world.
In terms of biblical prophecy, this action indicates that we are growing ever closer to the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 that the entire global system of world commerce and finance is going to collapse in the latter days of our age and be replaced by a new global financial/monetary system which will be enforced on all nations (Revelation 13:11-18). This will be the “beast” system and it will be imposed by the “seven heads and ten horns” (not yet identified) who will terminate the current system with “extreme prejudice” (according to the language of Revelation 17:16). For in-depth information on why the Bible calls our current system of global finance, based on and controlled by central banks and the global banking system, “Babylon the Great,” please see my article, What Kind of “Captivity?” – The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System. I think you will find it most revealing.