I’ll bet many Americans failed to notice the importance of a story which indicates that the USA’s largest bank is having to take extraordinary measures to try to survive. The 9-13 issue of the USA TODAY reported that the Bank of America “is slashing 30,000 jobs as part of an effort to reverse a crisis of confidence among investors.” The article added that “What CEO Brian Moynihan is trying to do is nothing less than save the nation’s largest bank” (emphasis added).

While the markets are still focused on the severe financial/monetary crisis in the Eurozone nations (see my previous blog post), the report that the USA’s largest bank is fighting simply to stay in business also graphically reveals how deep the financial/monetary crisis is in the USA as well. I’ll bet many other large US banks are in the same boat as Bank of America, but Bank of America is the first one to so openly admit that it is in a fight for its survival.

This is further confirmation that more (and bigger) fractures are appearing in the foundations on which the modern financial/monetary/political system (called “Babylon the Great in Revelation 17-18) is based. These fractures will eventually lead to the prophesied collapse of the entire system, and its replacement with the end-time “beast” system of international government (Revelation 13:1-7). I don’t predict any dates for this prophecy to be fulfilled, but we can know the fulfillment of these prophecies is drawing nearer because more and more fractures are appearing in the current global system’s ability to function or survive.

The Bank of America’s announcement re: 30,000 lay-offs is the single largest corporate lay-off in the USA this year, and it comes on the heels of a previous 6,000 staff lay-off. Politically, this action clearly highlights the fact that the “job-creation” actions of the US government have so far been ineffective. I expect that the actions of the politicians to jump-start some job-creation efforts in America will likely take on a greater sense of urgency. Especially since next year is an election year.