June 7, 2009
Steve Collins
As readers of this blog realize, I identify ” Babylon the Great” as the current global economic/political/monetary system described in Revelation 18:3 as an interlocking alliance of the “merchants of the earth” (the huge multinational corporations) and the “kings of the earth” (the political leaders). The prophecy in Revelation 18 very accurately describes the modern global political/system of the modern world. The titans of the multinational corporations “take leave” form their host companies in order to take over political posts in major governments, but it is all a revolving door of people serving the same goals and interests, whether they are on the “corporate” or “governmental” side of Babylon the Great’s global system.
One of the major multinationals that controls and administers Babylon the Great’s global system is Goldman Sachs. Their domination over the finances of the US government have become so blatant that even the “establishment” New York Times did a story revealing how Goldman Sachs executives have fanned out to take control of the financial reins of the US government (see first link below). This NY Times story is hardly comprehensive. James Rubin, President Clinton’s Secretary of the Treasury also came from a top position in Goldman Sachs. However, the story shows how Henry Paulson, Neal Kashkari and others all came from Goldman-Sachs. As is clear from the New York Times story about this Goldman-US government revolving door, it is beginning to look like the US Treasury Department is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Goldman-Sachs. As usual, the US Congress (which surrendered much of its legislative power to govern the US economy to the US Treasury Department of the executive branch) doesn’t grasp what has actually happened. 
Previous blogs have noted that the Bible prophesies that the grip of Babylon the Great will be broken in the latter days and that its power over the nations will be shattered. Revelation 17 describes the fact that Babylon the Great’s system has “ridden” the nations for a long time by the time the latter days of this age arrive. If new readers are in doubt about the assertion that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, I refer you to the extensive examination of this subject found in my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, available at the articles menu at this website. Revelation 17:9-18 foretell that a strong alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” will overthrow Babylon the Great’s dominance in the latter-days and that they will “eat her flesh [seize her assets] and burn her with fire [destroy it so it cannot recover].” Revelation 17:18 states that one particular city will be the seat of this Babylon the Great system at the time it is overthrown, and Revelation 18 offers many prophetic details about this Headquarters city of Babylon the Great and its collapse in the latter days. It is intriguing that Revelation 18:2 states that two great “falls” will occur in this city which will be a seacoast city and a nexus of financial and commercial power. Revelation 18’s prophecy is examined in great detail in my article Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System? (also available at the articles link). However, this blog is about Revelation 17:9-18.
Those who follow world events are well-aware that there are many supranational entities and associations which supervise and influence global geopolitics and world finance. Such entities include the World Trade Association, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, etc. However, the elite of the elite in Babylon the Great’s system seem to be the Bilderbergers, whose meetings are shrouded in secrecy and protected by military forces. They claim not to be a “secret government,” but the extreme secrecy of their meetings and the extent of their military protections to keep “outsiders” out belies their claim. They act like a world shadow government, and many think that is exactly what they are. Their agenda is generally gleaned afterwards from the articles in Foreign Affairs, the flagship publication of the Council of Foreign Relations. However, there are times when their agendas and concerns get leaked. Now is apparently one such time. The second link below (sent by a reader of this website) purports to be an insider expose of the Bilderberg agenda and discussion at this year’s “secret” conclave in Greece. It is a lengthy article, and if you prefer the “Cliff Notes” version of this story, the third link (which I found via a websearch) offers a similar, but briefer, summation of the Bilderberger meeting.
The most interesting fact which emerged from this year’s meeting is that the Bilderbergers (i.e. Babylon the Great’s ruling elite) are worried. They have a concern that the current global economic/political crisis could “spiral out of control and eventually lead to a scenario where Bilderberg and the global elites…end up losing their control over the planet.” They have every right to be concerned. The danger to their control is formidable and growing. The links below do not specify their concerns, but I think the greatest concern can be inferred from an examination of the detailed “guest list” that is contained in the second link. If you check through this list, you will see the Bilderberg elite are a “closed club” from the elites of the western nations. There is a noticeable absence of names from Russia, China, Iran and the nations revealed to be the “Gog Magog alliance” in Ezekiel 38, the very nations which are prophesied to eventually militarily invade the nations of the western world at the climax of this age. Indications that the Gog-Magog elites were not allowed into the Bilderberger meeting argues that the Bilderberger’s are concerned about Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, the former Central Asian “-stan” nations of the USSR, North Korea, the Taliban, Syria, Hezbollah, Pakistan’s precarious existence as a nation-state, etc. However, the dangers to Babylon the Great’s global dominance are not limited to this growing rival alliance. The danger also is within their own group as the links below discuss a dissention within the Bilderberger group re: how long the current global recession should be allowed to last.
The fourth link below, from the Wall Street Journal, reports that Germany’s Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, openly rebuked the Central Banks of the USA and the UK for adopting policies which “may be laying the groundwork for another financial blowup.” Her “tough comments” made in full public view, are most revealing. If she is this tough in her public rebuke of the US and UK monetary authorities and policies, just imagine what she (and others) are saying behind closed doors. Germany is hardly alone in its disgust at the “crony capitalism” of the Anglosphere which was blatant under President Bush’s administration and is just as blatant under the Obama administration. The fifth link below reports that a Chinese audience openly laughed at US Treasury Secretary Geithner when he gave a speech in China saying that Chinese assets in US dollar investments were safe. No wonder the Chinese laughed. China is not at all duped by the “Weimar Republic” banking policies of the Bernanke-Geithner administration. The Chinese are realists and clever planners: they have allowed the American and western globalists to “hang themselves” on a rope of excessive debt. By positioning itself as the “lender” to the USA, the USA is increasingly becoming the “servant” to China. The US globalists, blinded by greed, assumed they could “control” Russia, China and the other producer nations of the world. However, China has especially beaten Babylon the Great at its own game of global finance, and energy-rich Russia sees the “Great Game” of global geopolitics as a chess game with embedded traps to ensnare overly-aggressive players (such as the over-extended USA which has blundered into a self-damaging war in Afghanistan). The immutable law of Proverbs 22:7 favors China and works more against the USA with every passing month.
The Bilderbergers have another problem. Given the fact that their agendas and concerns leak out in spite of “air-tight” security reveals that not everyone attending their meetings is loyal to the Bilderberger agenda. Some attendees are working against the Bilderbergers from within and are revealing Bilderberger plans to both the public and to the enemies of Babylon the Great’s elites. Apparently the leakers are so well placed that the “insiders” would never suspect who they are.
We do not know what the final spark will be that sets off a crisis which leads to the overthrow of Babylon the Great’s dominance. It could be a gold-backed currency issued/honored by Russia, China, Arab oil states and other commodity producer nations which crushes the US dollar in the world markets. It could be an unexpected war, a sudden dumping of US dollar investments by China and other nations on the world market or something else. We do not know when Babylon the Great’s system will be overthrown, but the Bible assures us it will be overthrown in the latter days by an alliance of nations who will work together to give the coup de grace to the current unstable system of global finance.
Do not be surprised if the current system of Babylon the Great is overthrown by an alliance of some western-oriented nations working with the eastern Gog-Magog bloc. The overthrow of Babylon the Great will usher in a new global system called the “beast” power (Revelation 17:9-18) which will have a very short reign on the earth (Rev. 17:12 calls it a mere “one hour” in prophetic time) before it is, in turn, overthrown by Jesus Christ when he returns with an army of his saints and millions of angels (Rev. 17:12-14, 19:11-21). We do not know from the Bible if there will be a seamless transition from Babylon the Great’s system to the new “beast” system or whether there will be an interregnum of global chaos and confusion before the beast power consolidates its global authority. I suspect the latter option will be the case because the longer the chaos and confusion lasts, the more ready the nations will be to accept a surrender of their sovereignty to a global authority which will bring “order” out of chaos and “make the trains run on time” (so to speak). When this happens, the world will be near the end of this age because the beast has only 3 and 1/2 years to be in power (Rev. 13:1-5). When that time comes, I don’t think practicing Christians will be allowed access to the internet as the beast power will only allow its minions to express themselves…in all public forums. If you want to help get the warning out, you can forward this link to other believers so more can be warned about what is coming in the future. If you want to help further, you can also send a financial contribution (not tax-deductible) to this author so this site can be advertised in other media forums and outlets. Currently, no funds exist to do so as almost no readers of this website contribute to this website.  If you think these warnings are useful, you can help get the warning out by sending a donation to Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735. Thanks very much to those who do, but I’ll keep posting these blogs as long as I can regardless of what donations are given.
We are entering the time when long-awaited biblical prophecies will actually be fulfilled in world events. However, believers are almost uniformly asleep to this fact…just as Matthew 25:1-11 said they would be.