I have always beleved that the babylon system was the modern day system of banks credit ect…led by the United states and the now EU…And that the beast would be countries from the tribes of Israel and Judah….after the system failed and that we would be fighting against GOG-Magog peoples that are not going to fall inline with this BIG BROTHER system…I truly believe that WE(ISRAELITES) will be the beast…it says who can make war with the beast?What countries combined could be so powerfull?I believe that Us and countries allies like India.Japan and other nations that depend on the SYSTEM to make it will be part of the BEAST system…what is your view? thanks very much for your time.
Scott M


Dear Scott,
There is no question that the banking/financial system of the modern world is the “Babylon the Great” system of latter-day biblical prophecy. My article (What Kind of Captivity?–available at this website) documents that the modern world’s economic system originated in ancient Babylon. The “ten horns” of Revelation 17’s latter-day prophecy are comparable to the “ten toes” of Daniel 2’s latter day prophecy. Daniel 2:41-44 confirm that the ten toes will be an alliance of the nations of the old Roman Empire (the “iron”) with the nations of the latter-day house of Israel (the “potter’s clay”). Jeremiah 18:4-6 confirm that the symbol of “potter’s clay” identifies the ten tribes of Israel. The ten toes have to be NATO in the modern world, and the NATO nations are a fractious, confederated alliance just as Daniel 2:41-44 prophesied (they would “not cleave” very well together). Ezekiel 38 adds that such nations as India, Japan and the “young tigers” of the Pacific Rim (in my judgment) will be allies of the NATO nations in the latter days. Indeed, much power will be concentrated in these nations, and my blogs have chronicled the fact that Japan, India and the “young tiger” nations have been drawing steadily closer to the western nations. The recent terrorist attacks of Islamic radicals (apparently from Pakistan as the lone surviving terrorist admits) in Mumbai, India will only serve to drive India closer to the western nations due to their mutually being threatened by Islamic terrorists.
When the global “beast” system comes into existence, Revelation 13:7 prophesies it will dominate “all kindreds, tongues and nations” so this argues that the Gog-Magog nations of Ezekiel 38 will also be included in this global system at least for a time to delude the world into thinking a time of “global peace” has arrived. However, Ezekiel 38 makes it clear that the Gog-Magog nations (Russia, China, Iran, etc.) will eventually attack the western nations at the very end of our age no matter what treaties or agreements may be made in the future.