I understand from your article that you either propose or believe that Babylon fell in the twin towers (911) event.  I also understand like me, you have been a part of WWCG.  I am currently fellow-shipping with CGF.
I have been looking into the idea of Babylon being right here in the land of the descendants of Israel for some time… even though it’s been lonely (not many interested brethren).  I just find it amazing that you are seeing something very very similar to what I am seeing.  I wish we could talk.
I realize you don’t know me from anyone else, and we have never met… but if we were in the same group, having Sabbath services together and after wards- having our coffee, I imagine we could talk for hours with zeal about what is soon coming!
I have been in the church since 1986, been married to the same wonderful woman for 28 years.  We raised 5 sons, 4 of which are still in God’s church.  We live in Wisconsin where many are cold, but few are frozen!
We left WWCG in 1995 and attended with Global until they split.  About the time of Global’s split we moved our whole family to Phoenix AZ and began attending with CGG until moving back to Wisconsin 5 years later.  It’s been quite a ride indeed!
BABYLON – in studying Babylon’s fall, Jeremiah 51 contains much valuable information.  I was considering particularly verse :46; “And lest your heart faint, and you fear for the rumor that shall be heard in the land; a rumor shall both come one year, and after that in another year shall come a rumor, and violence in the land, ruler against ruler.”
Now, I know you proposed the twin towers fall might be the actual fall of the city, but have you considered the possibility that she hasn’t fallen yet, and that the fall of the towers might actually be the “rumor” heard or published in the land.  Consider if you will – the attempted bombing of the twin towers in 1991 (I think)… It was news across the country, published throughout the land.  Then in a different year (it says another, but it doesn’t mean the “next” year but rather some year following) the rumor shall come with violence.  The other bombing of 911 with all it’s violence and destruction was shown countless times on news stations across the land (and world for that matter).
This scripture is a part of Babylons fall… but takes place before the fall, and before the need to “get out of her My people!”  I have written a study paper I call the Trilogy; regarding the fall of Babylon (that great city), and a collapse in Israel (America), and the fall of Satan which is directly tied to them both.  I think you would find it interesting, but then… I don’t really know you either.



Thank you for your response. I certainly do think that we are living in the land dominated by Babylon the Great’s economic/banking system (you may also read more about this in my article “What Kind of Captivity?). In my recent article on the modern fall of Babylon the Great, I indicated that the events of 9/11 may have signaled the beginning of the process via which Babylon the Great will ultimately fall during the last days. There are many aspects of Revelation 18’s prophecy that fit the events that occurred on 9/11. However, I also pointed out that it was seven years from 9/11 to the major collapse of global stock markets and mega-banks that struck hard in September, 2008.  Babylon’s system will fall in the latter days and be replaced by a global “beast system” (as Rev. 17:9-18 foretells), but we do not know how long it will take for the current global system of “Babylon” to fall.  The Bible foretells it will happen, so we need to closely “watch” global geopolitical and economic events to see when this occurs. I make no predictions re: when this will happen, but the events of 9/11 and the severe traumas in global financial markets do indicate the fall of Babylon’s system could be drawing near.
You brought up Jeremiah 51 and that chapter does have content which parallels Revelation 17-18. Thanks for pointing this out. Both prophecies foretell the fall of Babylon and the language of Jeremiah 51:7 sounds a lot like Revelation 17:2-6 and Jeremiah 51:8 echoes the wording of Revelation 18:2. Jeremiah 51:2 refers to a “day of trouble” which may indicate the latter days of our age, but it is not completely clear that Jeremiah 51 addressed the latter days. We must also realize that Jeremiah 51 was written prior to the fall of the Babylonian Empire to the Medo-Persian Empire in ancient times, so Jeremiah 51 was surely fulfilled when ancient Babylon fell. A dual application of the prophecy may be possible though. Another intriguing similarity between Jeremiah 51 and our modern time is worth noting. Jeremiah 51:11 states God would raise up the Medes (i.e. the Persians, see Daniel 8:20) to contribute to the fall of Babylon. The Medo-Persians did overthrow the Babylonian empire in ancient times (Daniel 5 describes this event). But the modern “Medes” (and Persians) also hate the modern system of Babylon the Great that dominates the western world. Ezekiel 38:5 lists the Persians (modern Iran) as being an ally of Russia, China, et. al. in the alliance that wishes to destroy the western world in the latter days. The modern Iranians call the USA “the Great Satan,” and they call the Israelis “the little Satan.” The modern Medo-Persians also desire to overthrow the modern global system called “Babylon the Great” in today’s world.
There is another historical connection as well. When Parthia, the great Asian empire of the ten tribes of Israel which flourished from circa 250 BC to 227 AD, fell, it was the Sassanian Persians who overthrew the Parthians and drove them out of Asia. This set off the immense migration of Caucasian nations which fled Asia and entered Europe as the Caucasian Goths, Germans, Saxons, Jutes, Vandals, etc. in the immediate centuries after Parthia fell.
Will modern Medo-Persia (Iran) have a role to play in the global struggle to subjugate the nations of the western world? We know the Bible answers “yes” in Ezekiel 38:2-6, but Iran will play a subordinate role to Russia, which will lead that effort. The Gog-Magog alliance, prophesied in Ezekiel 38 for the end of our age, has already coalesced, so we can see that specific Bible prophecies are coming to pass before our eyes.