Am going through Lost Ten Tribes a second time.  Visited Mystery Hill in NH. Went to see Los Lunas Decalogue after reading your book.  You discuss Baal worship brought over to America.  I took some pictures of graphic rock carvings of phalexs in Southern NM that would indicate “Phoenician” settlements at Rock City.  I would like to send you one of the pictures of a 20 foot high carving.  Of course the park personnel claim all the rocks are a result of years of erosion.
Mike Long


Thanks for contacting me. I commend you for taking the time to “check things out” for yourself. I’m familiar with graphic,”Baal-worship” fertility artifacts in New England, but I do not recall seeing an example from New Mexico. If you have photographs of the artifacts you found, I invite you to send them to me at this website. I’d like your permission to post them at the website for everyone’s information if that is acceptable to you.
The response of the park personnel is not surprising. They have been spoon-fed the usual myths that no one from the Old World visited the New World before Columbus. The books of the-late Dr. Barry Fell note that “establishment” academics once identified ancient American dolmens as “glacial erratics,” and dismissed ancient American writings in known Old World alphabets as having been made “by plowshares or the actions of the roots of trees.”  The famous American archaeologist, the-late Dr. Cyrus Gordon, affirmed very strongly in his 1971 book, Before Columbus,  that a number of Old World civilizations (especially the Hebrew/Israelite civilization) had been present in ancient American times. There is now an abundance of evidence that Old World civilizations were present in the Americas in quite ancient times, but the “politically-correct” types are still living in denial. The Dark Ages, during which few voyages took place because mankind lost so much knowledge, gave modern mankind the false impression that all ancient ages of mankind were as ignorant and benighted as the cultures of the Dark Ages. It is now very clear that civilizations in 1000 BC were far more advanced that civilizations in 1000 AD.