More Orwellian, big-brother schemes are in the planning stages, which if implemented, could create 24/7 monitoring of the whereabouts of all Americans. In this latest case, it would be anyone with a car, truck or motorized vehicle who will be monitored. The state of Virginia is considering a plan to install RFID/tracking chips on all automobile license plates so everyone’s whereabouts can be monitored in a real-time basis.
The ostensible reason for doing this is to make it easier to speed traffic through toll-road booths, but privacy advocates are up-in-arms about this proposal. Opposition to this proposal comes from both the liberal ACLU and the conservative Rutherford Institute. The ACLU states that “It’s not worthy of further study…the privacy implications are too great.” The Rutherford Institute added that “You’ll have no privacy. If they can track your car wherever it’s at…”
The first link and second link cover the RFID license plate proposal in Virginia. However the third link shows a similar bar-code tracking system is being considered in Oklahoma. If you oppose these proposals to track your every movement in a vehicle, you should contact your legislators to oppose it now before these proposals gain further traction. Other states may be considering it as well in legislative committees as the first link notes that for RFID/bar-code tracking systems to be successful, “they would have to be adopted nationwide” (emphasis added). The Virginia and Oklahoma programs can be regarded as trial programs for an eventual national system to be imposed nationally at a later date.
For those unfamiliar with RFID tracking programs, the final link provides a technical discussion of the RFID systems in layman’s terms. 
As in my previous post on proposed aerial drone surveillance of Americans, there seems to be a greatly accelerated effort by statist-minded people and groups to monitor Americans on a 24/7 basis in every possible manner. When/if you contact your legislators or congressional representatives to oppose such programs, mention that you are opposed to both RFID-tracking programs for all vehicles and to any warrantless searches of Americans or their properties by aerial drones. The Constitution is on your side, but unless Americans exercise and demand that their Constitutional rights be respected, these rights are likely to be lost or greatly reduced.
The proposed RFID vehicle monitoring programs fit in perfectly with the control-freak mentality that will be present in the eventual “beast” system which will replace the current “Babylon the Great” global system which we now have. Our current global system is prophesied to collapse, as Revelation 17-18 make clear. Revelation 13:11-18 prophesies the beast system will have the ability to eventually monitor and control the financial transactions of everyone on earth. The proposed aerial drone monitoring system and the RFID vehicle monitoring system are harbingers of what else the beast system already has in mind for monitoring the globe’s populations. Keep in mind that with 24/7 monitoring of all people, it is only one small step to implement global control of all peoples.