Shalom Steve,

I certainly hope that you and your family are in better health. I feel that Satan in some ways tries to hinder those with the voice of Yahweh !! Give him hell boy !!

Now regarding Australia, it is most true that we are waking up to China, but the government is most certainly not or is in collusion with them !!

The Prime Minister, a fluent Mandarin speaker and former diplomat, a little while back actually showed the Chinese government officials some strategic documents of ours. The radio talk back shows (particularly Brisbane station 4BC which is 1116 am here) was alive with scathing comments from concerned citizens.

The Chinese are also buying up big with the help of the government !!

The other concern is that just a few hundred miles north of our north coast is the largest Muslim nation on Earth. And do they have some fanatics who do not appreciate the fact that Australia has been helping prop up their country to the tune of billions of Aussie Taxpayer dollars !! They openly have hated us all through our history with them, as far back as you want to go !!

It reminds me of the tribe of Judah in Israel, when they returned, set up the state of Israel and out of the woodwork came arabs from all over claiming to be the rightful owners of the land (so called Palestinians.) Their insane hatred of Judah, prophesied by Ovadiah and others, is in the news every day !!

But we do not want to rock the boat with China or particularly Indonesia !!

Britain, via Lee Quan Yew – their gun-runner in the region, was arming Indonesia from the beginning and even supplied the aircraft for the taking of East Timor many years ago after the withdrawal by the Portuguese. Russia is also helping Indonesia now with solid weaponry, the best air-craft etc !!

Why ? Remember the prophesy with the description of secret negotiations between the Gog Magog powers agains the Israelite nations as being “crafty !!” Not good brother, but the latest news is that GM’s Aussie subsiduary, General Motors Holden could be sold off to, wait for it, the Chinese Government’s own automobile manufacturing company. Not good !!

Well mate, I have to go.

Yours in Yahweh,


Shalom Brian,
Thanks for your input on this issue from an Australian viewpoint. It appears that while many in Australia are waking up to the danger posed by China, Australia’s political government (like its counterpart in the USA) has not woke up to the danger. Your email confirms China is making the same kind of economic incursions into Australia that it is making into the USA. Your email also points out the dangers posed to Australia by Indonesia, a large (and Islamic) nation which threatens it “from the north.” Thanks for taking the time to pass this news from Australia on to me. I’ll share your news and viewpoints with the readership at my website!