Dear Steve,

I am blind. Do you have any books in electronic or CD format so that I could access your books?



While I do not have any electronic or CD versions of my books available due to lack of funds, there is a way you can receive a significant portion of the key information. At my website is a “speeches” link which includes a number of my messages before live audiences. These speeches include Parts One and Two of messages I’ve given on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel (as well as other topics), and these messages provide an outline of the material that is in my books. The link on my homepage to the Tamar Yonah interview on Israel National Radio also offers two hours of listening time on the subject of the ten tribes.
To obtain the full material in my books, a sighted person would need to order my books at www.bibleblessings .net and read them to you over time. Years ago, I served as a volunteer to read books and magazine articles to a blind friend. It is possible that organizations that serve blind persons in your area has such volunteers available!