A previous post this month offered evidence that sex/gender issues prove that evolution is a hoax. I was thinking tonight of another reason why evolution can be proven to be a hoax and I thought I’d pass it on to readers.
You likely all recall being spoon-fed the standard (and condensed) evolutionary model that eons ago on earth, single-cell organisms and early life forms in a primordial ocean somehow spontaneously came into existence and that more eons then passed. Then primitive plant forms came into existence and somehow gradually evolved into bigger plants as more eons passed. Then the fish and organisms of the sea somehow splashed themselves on to a beach and evolved into primitive land-dwellers with lungs and that animal, bird, reptile, and mammalian life forms somehow came into existence and got bigger and bigger as more eons passed. [Forget for a moment that whenever the first primordial gill-equipped sea creature flung itself on to the land and became the very first ancestor of lung-breathing land creatures, it had no more than a couple of minutes to evolve the very first set of lungs or it died on the spot].
There is something very, very wrong and unscientific about this evolutionary model which causes evolutionary teachings to be unscientific nonsense, and that has to do with the atmospheric balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide. Plants are theorized to have evolved first and then unspecified eons passed before the first lung-equipped creature evolved. This is an impossible explanation for the existence of life on earth. Plants utilize photosynthesis to take in carbon dioxide from the air in order to provide each plant with essential nutrients to live. They give off oxygen as a byproduct of their photosynthesis process. As the link below states, photosynthesis “is the source of the O2 we breathe.” Mankind and all lung-equipped creatures walking the earth take in oxygen from the air and produce carbon dioxide as we all collectively exhale by the billions all day long. There is a perfectly designed balance here: plant forms absolutely need air-breathing, lung-equipped creatures by the billions walking (or crawling) around all day exhaling massive amounts of carbon dioxide to produce the carbon dioxide needed by the uncountable numbers of plants on earth and the lung-equipped creatures all need those plant forms to exist in order to create the prodigious amounts of oxygen that all lung-breathers need each day. This is perfectly-designed symbiosis on a planetary scale.
If evolution is true, then all those eons in which only plant life existed would inevitably have killed off all the plants! How? Because without an immense number of lung-equipped creatures walking around to constantly create massive new amounts of carbon dioxide, the plants would have used up all the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the atmosphere filled up with so much oxygen coming off the plants in photosynthesis that the plants would have died from carbon dioxide starvation. The simple, scientific fact is that the planetary symbiotic relationship between all forms of plants and all forms of lung-breathers requires that they had to come into existence at the same time or neither one could survive! Plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Mankind and all lung-equipped creatures take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.  Neither classification of lifeform can exist without the other. This is perfectly-designed balance in action. When you take your next breath and draw in atmospheric oxygen, thank God for his wisdom which created all the plants to create that oxygen for you to breathe in! 
The only scientific explanation for the emergence of life on earth is found in Genesis 1, which relates that when an immensely superior Creator (Elohim) Being created all life on earth, he created them within days of each other in order to keep the earth’s atmosphere in an atmospheric balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in order to ensure the survival of all the lifeforms he created. The exquisite atmospheric balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide (and the perfect balance between lifeforms that use one of these gases and give off the other) is a proof that a Creator God had to be the one who designed and created all life on earth. The earth is simply a planetary-sized terrarium created by an infinitely superior Being that designed the earth and its creatures to live in a perfect balance that couldn’t even be understood by mankind until it developed enough scientific testing tools to even understand that perfectly-designed balance. However, as mankind became scientifically able to understand the atmospheric balance absolutely critical to the existence of life on earth, mankind rejected the obvious evidence of a Creator and fantasized an impossible theory (evolution) that asserts the plants and air-breathing creatures all magically and successively created themselves “over eons of time.” Paul prophesied in Romans 1:17-25 that this nonsensical thinking would happen. He also wrote about “the oppositions of science falsely so-called” in I Timothy 6:20. David wrote in Psalm 14:1 that “the fool has said in his heart ‘there is no God.'”
Christians are criticized in this upside-down world for having faith in a Creator God. When you realize how  nonsensical and unscientific evolution really is, it is the evolutionists that ought to be laughed at for having a faith in the utterly impossible! And for those who are new to my website and haven’t read my article, Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? [Subtitle: When Lucifer Ruled the Earth], I recommend that you do so. It reconciles the scientific evidence that the earth is very, very old with the biblical teaching that current lifeforms all began in a 7-day Creation Week about 6,000 years ago. It specifically examines the biblical teachings that a verdant world of prehistoric lifeforms (including the dinosaurs) existed prior to Creation Week, but were wiped out in a global extinction level event that perhaps was survived only by some deep sea-dwelling lifeforms like the coelacanth. The Bible discusses another near-extinction level event in Noah’s Flood, but this is another example of true science and true biblical scholarship being in agreement as both teach that extinction and near-extinction level events have occurred in earth’s history.
Bottom line: We have very highly-educated scientists teaching that evolution is how lifeforms all created themselves over eons of time without any Creator God doing it. Psalm 14:1 cites David as saying only fools say “There is no God.” Combining these two thoughts, I think if David were alive today, he would conclude that in our latter-day period of time, we have a lot of very highly-educated fools in charge of our educational/academic/scientific communities. Their theory of evolution deserves to be scorned.