As I’m sure readers realize, the US government and a long series of US Congresses have long ignored the security risks posed by the lax (or nonexistent) enforcement of immigration laws along the US-Mexican border. The dangers are apparently much worse than most Americans realize.

The first two links document the massive neglect by the federal government of its duty to protect US borders. One link reports that 3,500 acres along the Arizona-Mexican border are now off limits to Americans due to the severe dangers posed by human traffickers and armed drug smugglers. As one official puts it, the situation is “out of control.” The other link documents the same danger, but also notes how environmental regulations are hampering the ability of US enforcement agencies to do their job of securing the border.

I think many Americans realize the federal government is not securing the border because it does not want to obey its own laws or protect American citizens. Why is this the case? It is my view that this situation is indicative of how completely the US government has been taken over by those who real loyalty is to the corporate-governmental oligarchy called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18. Revelation 18:3 very accurately describes our national situation when it prophesies that in the end-times, an alliance of the “merchants of the earth” and the “kings of the earth” will be in an incestuous relationship to mutually enrich themselves at the expense of others. The term “merchants of the earth” is a precise prophetic term for the modern globalist, multinational corporations and “kings of the earth” is a fitting reference to the politicians and office-holders who are “in bed” with those corporate interests. We have all seen that the US government bailed out the reckless, greedy Wall Street banks and corporations while sacrificing the long-term interests of American citizens and nation to do so. President Bush’s administration was as guilty of these policies as President Obama’s administration. Both acted (or are acting) as puppets of the globalist Wall Street interests. How does this pertain to border security?

The US government’s refusal to enforce border security laws is, I believe, a result of their assisting the globalist agenda of Babylon the Great’s multinational corporations who want a steady supply of cheap, illegal labor so that they do not have to pay Americans living wages. The greater the supply of illegal aliens, the more downward pressure there is on wages for all American workers. For this reason, all ethnic American groups (including Hispanic American citizens) are being financially damaged by lax border security. There are only two ways to make the US government serve the nation and people again instead of Babylon the Great’s interests. The first way is for American voters to so massively “throw the bums out” in the November elections that we finally have a pro-American Congress again. Primary elections so far have indicated that an anti-incumbent mood is wide and spreading throughout the nation. The second alternative is far more dangerous.

The third link reports that Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed, Islamic terrorist entity which has taken over large swaths of southern Lebanon, has now taken advantage of the US government’s chronic refusal to secure the border. It reports that “Hezbollah is continuing to build up its terrorist infrastructure within the United States through infiltration operations across the Mexican border and through other US entry points.” It also voices the fear that if a war erupts involving the USA and/or Israel vs. Iran, that Hezbollah operatives will unleash  terrorist attacks throughout the USA. If such a war erupts and Hezbollah agents attack civilians and key infrastructure targets across the USA, the wrath of American voters against the lax federal border policies will cause an immense backlash against President Obama and Congress as the damage caused by such Hezbollah terrorist strikes will very logically be blamed on the federal government’s longstanding refusal to secure the US-Mexican border. Once Hezbollah agents infiltrate themselves across the US border, they can fan out and locate themselves anywhere in the USA.

This is all so frustrating because it would be incredibly easy to secure the border even without a massive wall or fence. The US military uses RPVs (remotely-piloted vehicles) in Iran and Afghanistan to look for Taliban personnel and other enemy actors. The same aerial RPVs could be given to the US agencies responsible for border security and to the National Guards of each border state and the RPVs could provide 24/7 surveillance of the entire border. Whenever bands of people were seen heading for areas of the US border, US enforcement agents or heavily-armed National Guardsmen could be quickly vectored to intercept all intruders. This could be implemented within weeks if there was the will to do it. Who knows, perhaps the State Governments will start buying RPVs for their own police and National Guards and start doing this on their own since the federal government seems determined to go on supporting the lawbreakers with its willful refusal to enforce border security.