Hi Steve.

I’m sending a link to an article re. the “opening of the ark of the covenant”, thought you might be interested.

Sandie Edelmaier


Thanks for sending me this link which examines whether the original (or a replica) of the Ark of the Covenant is located in Ethiopia. There have been media reports that this Ethiopian “Ark” would be revealed openly, and then other reports denied that it would be shown to the public. I’m familiar with the accounts that claim the Ethiopian Ark is the real one even as there are many who doubt that it could be anything more than a replica.  The late-Ron Wyatt, an independent biblical archeologist, claimed the Ark had been found in Jerusalem but its location was being kept a secret. Others have contacted me believing that the Ark is buried somewhere at the ancient sacred site of Tara in Ireland. This last theory is based on the biblical evidence that Nebuchadnezzar gave orders to his soldiers to allow Jeremiah to go free and that the Babylonian authorities should “do unto him even as he shall say unto you” (Jeremiah 39:11, 40:4-6). This carte blanch authority given to Jeremiah by Nebuchadnezzar would have allowed Jeremiah to take with him whatever part of Judah’s patrimony he wished when he went to a new destination after Jerusalem fell.
I am among those who believe Jeremiah, Baruch and some of the daughters of the royal house of Judah (Jeremiah 43:6) eventually journeyed to Spain and Ireland after they left Judah heading westward into Egypt. It has long been a legend that Jeremiah brought David’s harp to Ireland and it is to this day a symbol on Irish heraldry. He could conceivably have brought the Ark with him as well, but this is not biblically recorded.
All current accounts of the fate or location of the Ark of the Covenant (if it still exists in one piece) are speculative. The Bible is silent on what happened to the Ark. Maybe God wanted it to remain a secret.