A reader sent me this link below which indicates that the odds of a Constitutional crisis in the USA are growing greater. Many individuals and even some military officers have demanded to see an authentic birth certificate proving that Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen of the USA. He has to have one to be a legitimate President. If he is not a natural-born citizen, he is a usurper in the office and his actions and appointments have no Constitutional validity. A previous blog revealed that a large percentage of American citizens already doubt Obama’s legitimacy to serve in the office, so it is a serious issue which must be addressed and resolved.

As evidence that this issue is becoming more mainstream, the House of Representatives of the Arizona State Legislature just passed a bill requiring that all candidates must prove they meet Constitutional requirements to be President or they will not be allowed on the Arizona Presidential ballot in 2012. This is a huge “shot across the bow” of President Obama. Now that one state legislative body has passed this requirement, other state legislatures are very likely to follow this same path. To keep this in context, the story below does not indicate that the Arizona State Senate has yet approved this same bill, so this requirement has apparently not yet passed both houses of the Arizona legislature.

If this movement spreads, a Constitutional crisis is inevitable in 2012 (if not before) about whether Obama has any right to serve as President. It seems very obvious that if he wanted to put this issue to rest, President Obama would produce his birth certificate and submit it for forensic analysis to see if it is valid one. The longer he refuses to do so, the greater the doubts will grow in the USA about whether he is a Constitutionally legitimate President. Whether Obama’s supporters wish to admit it or not, this action by the Arizona State House of Representatives just gave the “birther” issue much new respectability. If a number of states pass similar legislation, Obama could lose the 2012 election simply because many states will not allow him on their Presidential ballot if he has no valid birth certificate.