The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and the creation of ever-more lifelike robotic humanoids is progressing faster than most people realize. While AI applications in the form of digital assistants and home assistants offer conveniences to customers, they also have some foreboding future implications. Indeed, future developments in AI/android products have clear biblically prophetic ramifications.

Digital home assistants of all kinds are becoming ever more present in American homes. The first link documents that home AI products were one of the best selling items to be bought during the recently-concluded Christmas shopping season. The second link offers insights into how AI devices will be entering your home and how high-tech developments will affect many aspects of how you live your life. The second link notes that AI devices will permeate your home as appliances, TVs, smart watches,  headphones, and even your cars and workplaces becoming all digitally interconnected. This is all being done in the name of convenience, but since these smart devices are digital and can all be connected in a wireless fashion, it means that AI devices will be monitoring you on a 24/7 basis…if you let them into your home. These in-home AI devices are being programmed to monitor you very closely so they can get to know you very well. They are being designed to be increasingly able to analyze your moods, body language and gestures and try to determine what it is that we are trying to accomplish as we go about our daily business. Soon you can expect your robotic home assistants to even remind you when to take your medicines and babysit your child. I saw a TV commercial the other night depicting a digital assistant being asked by a human :”What’s the latest news?” Hmm. Who will “program” the news information the AI devices feed you? Will they be programmed to give you the MSNBC or Fox News version of the news?

Big changes are coming to how your smart phones recognize and interact with you. The second link also reveals that smartphones will be transitioned to be activated via not just fingerprint recognition systems, but also via retinal scans, facial recognition systems and even by “reading your palm.”

The wide array of modern high-tech AI applications is being sold to people with many conveniences and a host of attractive “bells and whistles.” What is actually happening, from a long historic perspective, is that people are being induced to buy their own government-approved “spy devices” which will monitor them on a 24/7 basis wherever they go and these devices will “watch” every aspect of how you live. The Big Data companies (and the governments which buy their information profiles about you) will know you as well or better than you know yourself. They will know your political and religious beliefs, your idiosyncrasies, your product preferences, etc.

All of this fits perfectly the biblical prophecy in Revelation 13 that a global “beast” power will arise in the latter days of our age which will be able to monitor and control financial purchases and transactions by individuals in all nations (verse 16-17). The Apostle John, who wrote down what he saw and heard in a vision of the latter days in the book of Revelation, must have been very puzzled by much of what he saw and he surely struggled to describe modern high-tech realities in ancient, low-tech words. He looked into our future and saw financial transactions being made, but he saw them being conducted very differently than in his world, where such transactions were done by coins or barter. He saw a system of transactions where the beast power could centrally monitor and control the entire range of financial transactions conducted on earth. This prophecy can be easily fulfilled by the natural unfolding of interconnected modern AI and digital technologies. John wrote that he saw transactions were being done via identification techniques involving people’s hands and foreheads. Smartphones are now becoming ubiquitous around the world. Everyone, it seems, always has their smartphone in their hand throughout much of the day. They text, they do email, search websites, buy and sell products and services, track their deliveries, manage bank accounts, etc. via their hand-held smartphones. Is this what John saw in his vision and had a hard time describing? That smartphone technologies may soon require activation-access via fingerprints, retinal-scans, palm prints or facial recognition points (second link) all point to a fulfillment of John’s prophecy in Revelation 13:16-17 that the global beast power will have individualized identity-recognition systems in place that involve each person’s hands and face. I think we are fairly close to having the technology which can fulfill this prophecy, and it does involve each person’s unique hand and face patterns for recognition/monitoring purposes.

Now I will close with some “adult” applications of where these AI/robotic/human-like android development programs are heading. I’d rather not write about this, but it is where we are heading so you ought to know about this so it doesn’t catch you by surprise. The third link, fourth link and fifth link offer us glimpses of how robotic androids will become so lifelike that you can buy one for your personalized entertainer or sex partner. It will include all the adaptive “getting to know you” software (now being developed and perfected in your home AI devices) so your robotic “mate” will be an ideal partner for you. Want an exotic dancer? The third link has a robotic female dancer that could soon be adapted for that purpose. The side-links on some of these links will offer you as much information as you care to gather on the subject. The final link reports that one brothel in Barcelona, Spain has already switched from human to robotic “sex workers.” Explicit related links are available for review, but one link estimates that within one decade, individualized robotic sex partners will be available for anyone who can afford them

There is a very dark side that I see in the manufacture and trafficking of robotic androids. Robotic androids will have no legal rights, they won’t have a conscience, and they won’t be actual humans in the sight of the law, so no sexual act perpetrated with them or upon them will technically be illegal. Will sex robots be offered with individualized “digital subroutines” for the activities desired by each purchaser? Purchasers will, no doubt, be able to specify the gender, description and age of the sex robot they desire. Perhaps celebrity movie stars will even license lines of sexy robots built in their images so fans/purchasers can fulfill their wildest fantasies with robotic “doubles” of their favorite actresses and actors. Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come.

I see another prophetic biblical fulfillment in the development of state-of-the-art humanoid robots that are fully life-like. Revelation 13’s prophecy has references to a “beast” political leader and a separate “image of the beast.” Given how life-like robots will be in a few years, the human beast leader could easily have several “doubles” which would be indistinguishable from the real human without very close examination. I’m thinking ever more that this “image of the beast” will be an android double of the real human “beast” leader. Given that some android doubles can be built with mechanical capabilities or functions that no human could do, an android double of the beast could do “miracles” that would be high-tech mechanical tricks, not real miracles. However, they could easily be passed off to the masses as real miracles in order to induce and enforce obedience to the beast’s rules and edicts.

 Welcome to the “Brave New World” of the latter days of our age.