As readers know, there are three major flash-points where a global conflict could be ignited. These are (A) the Mideast, (B) the China-Taiwan issue and (C) the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. All deserve comment and all could lead to a global conflict, but this post will focus on option C. The Russian-Ukraine war is becoming more likely to grow into a wider conflict as NATO nations are beginning to more overtly enter the war on the side of Ukraine. Undoubtedly, NATO nations are seeing the rising Russian militarism as a threat to start World War III, and NATO leaders may be thinking that it is better to fight Russia in the Ukraine than inside NATO’s European nations.

Putin invaded Ukraine thinking that it would be a quick, victorious war. He was deeply mistaken. As Russia invaded Ukraine, it became apparent early on that NATO anti-tank weapons were far superior to Russian battle tanks. Indeed, new shoulder-mounted anti-tank weaponry supplied by the USA, Sweden and the UK knocked out so many Russian tanks that it was obvious Russia’s armored forces were actually obsolete–a very rude awakening for Russian war-planners. The war expanded and Russia began attacking Ukraine with missiles, rockets and suicide drones supplied by Iran. These attacks have done very great damage to Ukrainian infrastructure, but Ukraine has held firm and even displayed an ability to sink Russian warships in the Black Sea. Putin has periodically threatened to use nuclear weapons, but that is likely a bluff as NATO nations would surely reply in kind if NATO territory received such an attack. Russia may also be in for a surprise if it uses them. When the Soviet Union collapsed, Ukraine reportedly gave its share of the USSR’s nukes to Russia for destruction. However, what if Ukraine wisely held back some of those nukes and still has them in its possession or has bought nuclear weapons on the secretive black market? 

Let’s consider recent developments which argue that the NATO-Russia confrontation may be building toward the unthinkable–an open war between NATO and Russia.

A Russian spokesman warned that two NATO capital cities may soon be under Russian control (first link). If Russia attempted such a thing, all NATO nations would be obligated to go to war with Russia as NATO’s Article 5 would surely be invoked. The Baltic nations, Finland and Poland would be the most likely to be invaded by Russia first. Russia (perhaps with Chinese and Iranian help) has even demonstrated its ability to attack critical civilian infrastructures inside the USA (second link).  In return, the USA, Germany and the UK have been moving toward allowing Ukraine to use long-range weaponry made by those three NATO nations to be used by Ukraine to attack Russian cities and military targets. The third link reports that this process has already begun.

Other NATO nations are also helping Ukraine more directly. New NATO member Sweden has committed $1.3 billion worth of military equipment to Ukraine (fourth link and fifth link), and Belgium has announced it will transfer 30 F-16 warplanes to Ukraine to use against Russia (sixth link). That announcement offers less immediate help than the headline indicates–some of these jets will not be delivered for years. NATO member Spain is offering increased military aid to Ukraine also (seventh link). In an especially revealing insight into how severe this crisis is becoming, Poland is increasing its eastern border defenses where its soil borders the territory of Belarus–a Russian vassal state (eighth link). In a NATO-Russia war, Russia would almost surely invade Europe via Poland, and Poland is determined to make itself a very hard target. The ninth link reports that European nations are planning to implement increased military strength though such measures as conscription, increased munitions production from factories, etc.

The tenth link has some extraordinary information. French President Macron is sending a reported 1,500 troops of the French Foreign Legion to fight alongside Ukrainian troops against Russian soldiers. The link also hints 2,000 regular French troops may be sent as well. This is a major escalation, but I think Macron wants to demonstrate to the Russians that NATO is ready to fight if necessary and that it will defend NATO’s Europe by fighting the Russians inside Ukraine. The eleventh link discusses how drone warfare would be an integral part of any NATO-Russian war.

It is my opinion that NATO is acting more aggressively to support Ukraine as NATO war-planners fear that Ukraine might collapse if it does not receive more direct help from NATO. A very delicate balance is being sought here. NATO is taking actions to strengthen Ukraine’s military forces and encourage Ukrainian morale. Too little action could result in a Ukrainian collapse and an emboldened Russia pushing into NATO nations, while too much help could bring on the very Russian invasion which I think neither NATO nor Russia really want.

Therefore, while the Mideast and the China-Taiwan confrontation remain potential global war flashpoints, I think the greatest danger of a global or regional war erupting is currently in Europe. How could this fit into biblical prophecy? In a general sense, it would further fulfill Matthew 24:6-7 that “wars and rumors of wars” would characterize the latter days of our age. [if any reader has any doubts that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days before Jesus Christ’s return, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? If you read that article, I think the evidence presented therein should be convincing.] Matthew 24:7’s wording that in the latter days “nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” argue that the prophecy indicates major national or multi-national wars will occur, not mere border skirmishes or acts of terrorism.

Personally, it would not surprise me if a wider war breaks out in Europe. The two sides seem to be relentlessly escalating actions and threats that push unfolding events into that direction. However, the Ukrainian-Russian war is already a large war which seems to be drawing less media attention after Hamas started a large war against the Israelis in its cowardly October 7, 2023 attack vs. peaceful Israeli towns. Israel is now close to eliminating Hamas inside Gaza, but Israel and Hezbollah are still exchanging small-scale military attacks and counter-attacks in Southern Lebanon and Northern Israel. Iran launched a major missile/drone attack vs. Israel recently, and Israel demonstrated its ability to easily defeat Iranian military hardware. That seems to have lessened Iranian desire for a war with Israel at this time.

The Bible has many prophecies that a great conflagration will occur at the end of our age that will constitute World War III. However, it is entirely possible that a smaller-scale conflict could occur between the NATO nations and their allies vs. the axis of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. However, I think that there are too many other biblically-prophesied events that have not yet occurred before that final World War III occurs. As-yet unfilled prophecies that need to precede a final World War III include the fall of “Babylon the Great’s” current insider, global system, the rise of the new “beast” system, the ministry of the Two Witnesses, etc. To see how a multitude of biblical, latter-day prophecies combine to give us an overall picture of how the years ahead of us will unfold, please read my research report, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War III.