Hello Mr. Collins,
I have recently learned of your books and studies, and am fascinated.  I just listened 2 a couple of your audio files on your website, and wonder if transcripts are available for any of them.  My grandfather has always taught me about the end times, etc, but doesn’t seem to understand yours and others viewpoints on the whereabouts of the Israelites.  It’s amazing to me to see how much of what you discuss touches on many topics I’ve known about, yet don’t or haven’t taken the time to put together.  Anyhow, I plan to buy your books soon, but would like to be able to print out your discussion on Israel and prophecy, and perhaps your interview with Tamar.


Hello Brian,
Thanks for your positive comments on my audio files. I do not have written transcripts of my messages, but you may download or forward the links to others who wish to listen to them.