For years, I’ve wondered who the “seven heads and ten horns” of Revelation 17 might prove to be. This is the cryptic alliance mentioned in Revelation 17 which overthrows the global “Babylon the Great “system in the latter days of our age. I believe a contender has arisen which may fulfill this prophecy. First let’s get the context. The “seven heads and ten horns” have to be a powerful alliance to overthrow the entire geopolitical/monetary world system we now have. The current world system is an international, digitally-interlinked money system which is based on the global banking system. The USA has long been the world superpower in the post-World War II era and the US dollar has been the dominant global currency, but that could rapidly change as the USA is in a state of accelerating decline at this current time.

The modern, global banking system has its origins in the banking system which was developed in ancient Babylon. As is documented in my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, many fundamental practices of the modern banking have varied little since the times of ancient Babylon. Few realize that the ancient Babylonian banking system was linked closely to the Baal worship of ancient biblical times. The prophecy in the book of Revelation uses the term “Babylon the Great” because the banking system invented in ancient Babylon has, in our time, gone global and dominates world commerce. It follows then that whoever or whatever constitute the “seven heads and ten horns,” they must pose a direct threat to the global banking system in order to tear down the current, global financial/monetary system. I have long thought that they will be either seven major leaders or nations and ten affiliated nations or their leaders. Just recently, such an alliance has stepped forward to possibly develop into the “seven heads and ten horns.”

Keep in mind that the “seven heads and ten horns” alliance is not the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39. That alliance will attack and invade the latter-day nations of “the house of Israel” at the very end of our age. The “seven heads and ten horns” will launch an attack versus the financial/monetary system of the entire world, and replace it with a new world system. Revelation 17 foretells that their attack will be successful, and it will usher in a new global world order called “the beast” in Revelation’s prophecies. Keep in mind that the alliance of the “seven heads and ten horns” will almost surely include various nations which will later become enemies at the time of the Gog-Magog attack discussed in Ezekiel 38-39.

The first link states that the BRICS “seem poised to step into the position our nation [the USA] once held,” and that they could be a “formidable foe [to the USA and the G-7 nations] in the very near future.” The current five nations in the BRICS nations are Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa. The link also reports that eight more nations have already formally applied for membership in the BRICS alliance. These nations are Algeria, Argentina, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. There are also more nations that are considering applying for membership in the BRICS grouping and these are listed in the first link. The first link also observes one factor pushing an expansion of the BRICS group is that “the dollar is rapidly losing international trust and potentially even petrodollar status.” With so many nations poised to gain membership in the BRICS alliance, it is easy to visualize this becoming an alliance of seven main members and ten other affiliated nations.

Recently Brazilian President Lula traveled to China to visit Chinese Premier Xi where a pledge was made “to challenge the dominance of the US dollar” and possibly create a “new currency” (second link). As evidence of a shift in economic power from the USA/G7 group to the BRICS group, a car factory in Brazil formerly operated by Ford will be henceforth operated by a Chinese car company. A quote in the second link by US Senator Rubio goes to the heart of the matter and it is worth reading…twice. He laments the fact that the rise of the BRICS alliance means that the USA will lose its economic leadership and its ability to force sanctions on other nations via US dollar pressures. The mention of the US losing the petrodollar market deserves greater commentary. For decades, Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing nations have required the use of US dollars in settling oil contract payments. If oil contracts in the near future can be based in any global currency or in a special, BRICS-based currency, the USA will lose control of global oil and energy markets. If (or “when”) the US loses control of the pricing of oil markets, it is likely only a short time until the US dollar loses its global reserve currency status. When/if that happens, the standard of living in the USA will plummet as nations sell off their US dollar reserves to buy a new BRICS-based currency. Can you see how it will change geopolitics quickly when the US president is told that nations no longer are willing to trade in or hold US dollars? The value of the US dollar will take a huge fall, and the US federal deficit will become an albatross around the US leaders’ necks. The USA, with its unpayable federal deficits and debts, will head toward a third-world status and its currency will become more like a banana-republic nation’s currency. The era of the US imperium in global affairs will then be over. Huge cuts in US federal spending will then be required.

The third link and fourth link detail reports that 19 nations have filed for admittance into the BRICS group–13 formally and 6 informally. It is also noted that once-fierce rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran have both applied for membership. This is significant because Saudi Arabia, infuriated at Joe Biden’s policies, joined Iran in creating formal diplomatic ties between their nations in a ceremony conducted in Beijing, a primary BRICS member and US rival. This was a huge geopolitical development, which has been under-reported in the US media. If Saudi Arabia and Iran are the next two nations to join the BRICS group, it will have seven initial nations and many affiliated nations may join after that. We could be close to having “seven heads” in the BRICS group followed by ten additional nations.

The USA is being overwhelmed by an invasion of illegal immigrants coming across the USA’s southern border, several large US banks have recently failed, inflation continues to be high and many other problems are getting worse. Despite a very urgent need to support the US dollar by cutting federal spending, the Biden administration is refusing to “face facts” and it insists no spending cuts will be made in a dispute with the US House of Representatives, which has voted for at least a modicum of spending cuts. If no compromise is reached between the Biden administration and the GOP-led House, a US debt default is possible. A major Constitutional/financial crisis is then also possible. Holders of US debt could declare the USA to be in default on its debts and the decline of the US dollar and US influence in the world would then accelerate.

We are clearly entering a time of real and growing dangers in the global financial/monetary markets. The US politicians, the Federal Reserve Board, and major US banks will not go into global inferiority quietly. If the BRICS group unveils a new gold-, silver- and natural resource-backed currency or currencies, the US dollar will have to become gold- and silver- backed as well in order to function on world financial markets. Things could get ugly very quickly. With the USA being led by a president manifesting growing signs of senility, what could go wrong?

Revelation 18:11-14 describe a time after the fall of Babylon the Great where merchants have goods and services to sell, but no one can buy them. This sounds like a global monetary crisis when no one is sure what has value any more or what constitutes trustworthy “money.” The fall of Babylon the Great is described in Revelation 18:10, 17 and 19 as happening “in one hour.” This is literally possible now that we live in a global business world that is digitally-linked in real time all over the globe. An unexpected collapse can now happen that fast. Revelation 18:10, 15-19 also describe a burning, smoking city that has been destroyed and which is unapproachable when Revelation 17-18 is fulfilled. Could this describe the use of nuclear weapons? We will have to wait and see. 

I suggest you also read my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall, Ushering in a Global “Beast System? It goes into great detail about the biblical prophecies on this subject that are going to be fulfilled in the time ahead of us. I hope that you are making necessary preparations for a time of confusion and upended markets. There may be less time to prepare than we had previously realized. To assist you in making preparations, I’ve enclosed the fifth link, which includes a list of essential supplies every household should have to be ready for emergencies. This link is from the website of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and it was primarily designed to assist families prepare in hurricane preparations. However, the list is useful for preparations for any type of natural or man-made disaster, and Revelation 17-18 reveal to us that a financial/monetary “hurricane” is approaching. Please do yourself and family a favor and obtain the FEMA-recommended list of supplies…while you still can do so.