There is a process underway in international geopolitics that could substantially rearrange the entire global power structure. Since the dismantling of the British Empire after World War II, the British nations that anchored the British Empire have largely been going their own way and pursuing their own national polices rather than forming a cohesive group. It appears that this situation might change dramatically in the foreseeable future. There are four distinctly “British” Anglo-Saxon nations in the world today: The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  While the world media is largely ignoring it, these four nations are now considering a merger into a common union. It is still too soon to know how extensive this re-unification will be, but it involves cementing political, economic, trade and military ties between these nations. However, this process, while not a certainty, is further along than you might suspect.

The first link explores the ramifications, advantages and obstacles of this “Anglo-Saxon union” project, called CANZUK. The link starts with a comparison of Cambodia and the ASEAN bloc to the possible union of the four British nations, but it quickly gets into the “meat” of the CANZUK process. One of the most obvious advantages a CANZUK union would have is these four nations have a common cultural, ethnic, and linguistic bond already. Having one common language is a huge advantage that the EU, for example, can never enjoy with its many different languages groups. The first link notes that the Brexit process has made CANZUK a real possibility. It also notes that such a union of these four British nations would immediately make it one of the most powerful blocs in the world. It would make it the Number 5 military power in the world and it would make it the largest territorial power in the world–because Australia and Canada are so big. It also is made more possible by the fact that polls show that people in all four nations favor this union–by large majorities. Public approval rates for a CANZUK union are: the UK–68%, Canada–71%, Australia–73% and New Zealand–82%. Those are poll numbers that politicians notice! Indeed, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is already in favor of CANZUK and Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, is now warming to it. The major opposition parties in Canada and New Zealand are also for it.

The second link examines the CANZUK process from several different perspectives. It notes a CANZUK union would instantly be the 3rd largest economy in the world, and it examines how a CANZUK union would affect relationships with current world powers. It predicts, logically, that the USA would be an ally of the CANZUK union, and it offers its opinion how a CANZUK union would affect the EU, Russia, India and China. I think that if a CANZUK union results in a very prosperous United Kingdom, it will give incentives to more European nations to leave the EU and form new European alliances or seek some kind of associate relationship with the CANZUK nations. The third link briefly discusses how a CANZUK union would make these four British nations much more powerful on the world stage and this link asserts such a union would make it immediately the third-largest military power in the world. If allied to the USA, the combined military power of these five nations would be immense. The link also very briefly mentions the already well-established “Five Eyes Alliance,” an intelligence-gathering alliance which has long existed between the four British nations and the USA. In a related military matter, the fourth link describes a new ship-defense missile which will be guarding the two new British super-carriers that are entering service. Clearly, as a new union of four nations widely-scattered by distance, naval power would become very important to a CANZUK union and this would almost certainly lead to a much larger CANZUK navy than now exists with the four nations operating separate military forces. Am important matter not discussed in any of these links is their willingness to be united via shared loyalties to the British Crown.

Another matter not discussed is how a CANZUK union would strengthen a variety of political/military alliances around the world. The UK, Canada and the USA are already allies in NATO, and the USA and Australia are allied together with India and Japan in the developing “Quad” Indo-Pacific alliance to counter China. A CANZUK union would serve to strengthen all these alliances. Another nation that would become very important to a CANZUK union would be Egypt (a former part of the British Empire), since it operates the Suez Canal which would link much maritime traffic among the CANZUK nations. If CANZUK allies with Egypt, it would also put itself in an alliance position with Israel and the Sunni Arab nations of the developing Mideast alliance called the Abraham Accords. If one common currency and citizenship pass was adopted between the four CANZUK nations, it would greatly facility trade and prosperity among these nations.

A CANZUK union actually has very significant biblical ramifications. As readers of my books and articles know, the four British nations seeking to join in a CANZUK union are the four modern nations of the Israelite tribe of Ephraim. Since the world is almost entirely biblically illiterate, that statement would seem odd to anyone not knowing what the Bible actually says. Modern people assume the biblical terms “Israel” and “Judah” are synonyms, which is not true. “Judah” refers to the tribe of Judah, the Jewish descendants of the old kingdom of Judah in the Bible. The biblical term “Israel” refers to the modern descendants of the ten tribes of “Israel” which were exiled from the old northern kingdom of Israel, but which never returned to settle in the old Promised Land as has the modern tribe of Judah (see my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah). The ten tribes of Israel were led by the two tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh–brother tribes which jointly descended from the biblical patriarch named Joseph. These two tribes of Joseph receive the invaluable “birthright” blessings of the covenant God made with Abraham. One prophecy was that these birthright descendants would be known throughout history by the name of Isaac–a son of Abraham (Genesis 21:12).  The Greeks wrote much about the Israelite tribes who were exiled into Asia and were known to the Greeks as “Sacae,”a term which preserved the root word of Isaac. In Persian usage, the name was rendered as the “Saka” (also preserving the name of Isaac). Modern Hebrew also often uses a “k” such as the “k” in Yitsak Rabin (spelled various ways). The Israelites of the displaced ten tribes of Israel founded the Asian empires of Scythia and Parthia and an early name of a Parthian capital city was Asaak, clearly named after Isaac. When the Romans supplanted Greek/Hellenistic domination of the known world, the Romans wrote the word with an “x” instead of a “c” or “k.”  In Roman usage,the term for the descendants bearing Isaac’s name became the “Saxons,” and it is well-known where the modern Anglo-Saxon nations are.

In Genesis 48, there is a prophecy specific for the tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim–the birthright tribes known by the name of Isaac. Jacob/Israel blessed the two sons of Joseph and prophesied they would grow into a “multitude” in the earth. Jacob/Israel prophesied that Ephraim would become a grouping or multitude of nations while their brother tribe, Manasseh, would become a single great nation.  Do we have a grouping of nations in the modern world and a single great [related] nation who bear the name of the Saxons? Yes! The USA was clearly formed by the Israelite tribe of Manasseh as a single great nation and the British nations now seeking a CANZUK union are the Ephraimite grouping of nations. There are far too many pieces of evidence from both the Bible and secular history identifying these nations as the modern tribes of Joseph to present in this post. The “birthright” blessing discussed in Genesis 48:14-22 also requires that we look for these birthright tribes among the larger and richer nations of the earth. For the full evidence that identifies these nations as the modern Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim, you can find it in my printed books and E-book which are available at this website’s home page. For a sampling of some of the evidence that the British and American nations are Ephraim and Manasseh in the modern world, I invite you to read my free articles, Ephraim and Manasseh: Allies in the Modern World and The USA in Bible Prophecy. The former article was written in the aftermath of the 9/11 events, but its historical evidence is timeless. If you read them, you will be aware of God’s hand in world history and geopolitics in a way to which most of the world is blind. You may also like the article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?as this article shows how accurately biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in our modern world.