Hi steven
I have a rather unusuall question. This might be long!
My question is regarding the jews in Israel and i hope this makes sense the way i try and explain something and at the same time ask a question.
From my view point if we go back say 100yrs, we find that the jews today in israel are not jews by birth right as in the bible, but merly by faith.
They were put there by the big monetry organisations.
Now my question is there are, a lot of christians who believe this is devine intervention that the jews are in the promised land and that Gods covenant with abraham has come to pass.
Many believe that the jews are the promised race as well which, they ones in israel today do not fit the blood type of the original hebrews,jews ect they are jews purly and mainly by faith,but i do understand that there are probably jews by birthright amongst them aswell
My question and sort of an answer at the same time is this.
It seems like satans playing games on earth using corrupt goverments and the babelonial monetry system.
To myself it seems like a staged act, preparing for a one world state, the christians in the west have almost been robbed by their birthright through many of the churches in the west who were the catholics “modern day rome in disguise”
It seems like to “satan doesnt want the true israelite identity known,because then he can destroy them by using the other nations and the corrupt bankers of this world to stage the whole thing to, so far i hope im not being to controversial and not sounding like i look down of the catholic church.
If you dont want to post this on your site, thats fine,but please could you answer this question
The other part is regarding many stories that constantine the roman emperor changed the new testament and that today these worldly powers are trying to stage the whole saga. “the coming of an anti christ that the christians in the west will beleive is christ”
The other thing is if israels identity is disguised it gives the catholic churched power because they fool the masses by telling them the jews are the chosen race etc and if this is the case, it would make sense then why they have for so long been preaching this,changing holy books for centuries so that they could stage the future events that we are living in now and change the past to suit and fufull satans plan to wipe out Gods creation,that way there would be no way that God could win, after all isnt this a battle and man the “porn” being pulled between two powers and didnt satans fallen angels mix with man in the beginning?
It seems this is to mock God and prove that Satan is the princeapality of this world.
But while they are staging this whole act,stan will be sturring up the other nations, Esaus decendants etc the west while staging this thinks perhaps the other nations will just play along, which they do at first.
Then when this ancient battle begins in modern days,the bankers who finance both sides, always outsell one to the other.
No to my understanding and logic, i can only think of two ways that this image of God the israelites, could be destroyed (please dont think i am some conspiracy theorist or racist etc just my mind runs wild and i see visions and i hope you dont think i smoke marijuan at this stage cause i dont)
so there are the two ways, one is to actually destriy them with warfare the other is to actually destroy them by intergrating them and mixing them racially with other nations,this way the jews in israel today would be closer to God through faith only than a watered down israel.
My thinking is if we look at the countries where the israelites have mixed extensively with other nations we see christianity and all western values go down.
My question is this, is it or could it be that this is a different race on earth these humans or adams desendants, because in hebrew the word adam according to strongs dictionary means to be ruddy or grow red in the face.
The ancient sumerians of where abraham came out of contains the most ancient artifacts on earth which is babilonia “ur i think was a city in babilonia” and today Iraq. Mentions many different gods mixing with man and at the same time mentions that there were different nations created for different things on earth.
They go very in-depth as if you were reading genisis, it mentions like in genisis that one would work for the other, one will be a slave to all nations and one will be a light berer or rule the others
Almost like noah and his three sons, ham,japeth and Shem.
I understand if you think im weird, all i do is look at ancients and study science and genetics that today the world is only finding out, but was known for thousands of years. I then try place these around the confermaitons of what the bible says.
After all bible in latin “bibleos” means colection of books it would be impossible for the bible to have everything in it,those committed to it would have to look for clues else where, i do believe that it mentions all but it cant go indepth.
To me it seems the bible is only for these tribes of israel and he said “i have not come but unto the lost sheep of israel”
But the modern churches will not acknowledge this nor the tribes, how could a church miss all what the bible is about,it seems they like to think the bible speaks in metophors and symbols and doesnt mean what it says but rather man can use it how he will interpret it the way he intends to and not for the sake of God.
Now please please i dont want you to think i am some crazy guy,its just my mind wonders and asks tons of questions
Thank you








Dear Dean,
Over the years, the questions and concerns you raised about the Jews have been sent to me by a variety of people. Rather than prepare a lengthy response to all your fears and doubts about “the Jews,” I would like to refer you to an article available for free at my website which addresses your concerns. It is called “Four Reasons the Jews are Judah,” and I wrote it years ago to respond in detail to the types of concerns you raised. These kinds of concerns about “the Jews” are overwrought and not based on historical facts.
One specific allegation you raised is new to me, so I will respond to it. You assert the Jews were put in the modern Israeli nation by “big monetary organizations.” I disagree. I think God put the Jews in the Israeli nation to fulfill his prophecy in Zephaniah 2 that “Judah” will again live in a nation of its own in the old Promised Land just prior to the Day of the Lord. Note especially the city of Ashkelon is mentioned as a city which will be inhabited by “Judah” [the real tribe of Judah!] at the end of our age. Ashkelon is an Israeli city so that should answer the question of who Judah is in our modern world. However, I know that is not likely to be enough to “settle the issue” in your mind so I will offer more evidence on the matter.
God used both modern Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews to fulfill his prophecy in Zephaniah 2 about resettling “Judah” back in the old Promised Land in the latter days. Since God Himself chose to use modern Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews to fulfill His prophecy about “Judah” in the latter days, we must surely concede that God knew who Judah was in the modern world when it was time to fulfill his prophecy and that His decision to guide world events to use modern Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews to fulfill His prophecy about Judah settles the issue of who Judah is today. God’s own actions in fulfilling Zephaniah 2’s prophecy confirm that modern Jews/Israelis are the real, true, honest-to-goodness, bona fide Israelite Tribe of Judah. God’s actions using modern Jews to fulfill a prophecy about Judah obviously trump all conspiracy theories and human reasonings to the contrary! Leviticus 19:33-34 and Ezekiel 47:22-23 confirm that one does not need to be racially-born into a particular tribe for umpteen generations to be considered a member of an Israelite tribe. Assimilation into a tribe is a God-approved action. Esther 8:17 is an example of this as many people from many regions of Persia’s empire assimilated into the tribe of Judah in the time of Mordechai and Esther. Esther 8:17 states that these non-racially born converts “became Jews.” God does not change (Malachi 3:6), so God allows others to assimilate into Israelite tribes in all periods of history.
Thanks for giving me another opportunity to set the record straight on this issue