Greetings from Missouri. I’ve had your book for many years and understood the message of Israels identity. A friend of mine who lives in Booneville MO has all 4 of your books. He told me that in your books you write that native Americans are from the tribes of Israel. My wife’s great grandmother is part Mohawk Indian. Can you help me to understand why the Indians are the tribes of Israel as they have red skin compared to our white skin. This is very important to me as Israel is to be the Kings and Priests in the coming Kingdom and I believe only Israelite’s with pure linage are to be the Kings and Priests. I believe that salvation is attainable to all families of the Earth. Can you help me out in this matter.

Roger Holm


Some clarification is in order. My books do indicate that some American Indian tribes had (A) ancient Israelite origins or (B) at least had contacts with ancient Israelites. My books also note that some Indian tribe had contacts with ancient Egyptians, North Africans, etc. My books do not claim all American Indian tribes had Israelite origins, but rather examines these contacts on a case-by-case basis as the evidence indicates. My books also include illustrations made of some of the fair-skinned Indians, who clearly had Caucasian/Semitic origins.
I also believe “salvation is attainable to all families of the earth,” and I believe that the first resurrection’s “kings and priests” will include people of many races and ethnic groups (not just ethnic Israelites). Revelation 7:4-8 has a listing of Israelite tribes among the saved, but verse 9 adds that a “multitude” from “all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues” are also going to be saved and be “before the Lamb.” Indeed, Rev. 7:14 indicates that the “144,000” and the “multitude from all nations” pertain only to those who “came out of great tribulation,” so the number of the saved can be larger than that number as other Christians will not go through the “great tribulation” or they died before the time of the great tribulation.