From a reader:


I just recently watched a documentary by Terry Jones entitled ‘The End of The World” and it is like the rest of the series showing how the so called barbarians were much more civilized then Rome. He did a large section on the Huns. I had always thought the Huns were Monglos or Orientals but the video showed Hun Golden ornaments that looked very Parthian /Scythian to me. Do you think the Huns were another wave of Israelite invasion from Parthia/Scythia or do you believe them to be Oriental/Japethites from Mongolia? He also claimed Atilla had a very Parthian like live and let live mentality when he wasn’t raiding. I know the huns chased other Israelite tribes like the Goths and Vandals into western Europe and on into Africa but Israelite tribes fought each other all the time and by now they had probably lost their identity anyway. What do you think? Who were the Huns? I don’t recall the Huns identity being brought up in your books. If so let me know and I’ll reread them for about the eigth time:-)


My response:


While I do not think that Attila (or the Huns) were Israelite, I have no doubt that Israelites fought in his army as vassals. The Ostrogoths (the eastern Goths) fought on Attila’s side as subjects of his who were compelled to fight for him. The Visigoths, Franks and others who opposed Attila were Israelite tribes in my judgment. One exception to hte Huns’ non-Israelite background were the Nepthalite Huns, who were also called the “White Huns” due to their Caucasian appearances. This group of Huns were the Israelite Tribe of Naphtali, who went into Asian exile in I Kings 15:29, but they were one of the last tribes of Israel to depart Asia into Europe. The tribe of Naphtali stayed in Asia for a long time after the Sassanians overthrew the Parthian empire circa 227 AD—which triggered the migrations of the Parthian and Scythian tribes into Europe.

I have several discussions of Attila, the Huns and the tribes who opposed their invasion of Europe in my book, “Israel’s Tribes Today.”