Shalom Steve:

I’m from Spain.Basques which speak Basque claim to be offspring of Tubal.Basque language is supposed to be relative to Caucasian languages since they have lot of similitudes. Pre-Roman Spain was populated by Iberians which many say were relatives or influenced by basques.These peoples are also supposed to be offspring of Tubal (Grandson of Noah) . Caucasian Georgia was called in old times Iberia like Spain.Some say also Iberia comes from Heber which is the ancestor of Hebrews.
What do you say about this?
Which tribe of the 10 they belong to?


Shalom Daniel,
Ancient Spain/Portugal was called Iberia in the times of the Phoenician/Israelite Empire. You are correct that there was an “Iberia” in the Caucasus region, but that later Iberia was founded after a large mass of the ten tribes of Israel escaped the Assyrian captitivity by migrating to the Black Sea region. Iberia, in both cases, preserves the name of the Hebrew ancestor “Eber” My book, Israel’s Lost Empires, discusses both the Iberia in ancient Spain and the Iberia located in the Caucasus. Other Israelite/Hebrew names were also located in ancient Spain. As a colony of the Israelites, any of the tribes of Israel could have had members who were located in its far-flung colonies so I don’t think it is possible to identify which particular tribe is linked to the early Iberians. If the Basques come from the early Iberian inhabitants of Spain, it is logical that there would be blood in them that came from various Israelite tribes. 
My book also discusses secular evidence that a large infusion of immigrants came to ancient Spain/Iberia from the region of the ancient kingdom of Israel due to the need to flee from the repeated invasions of the Assyrian Empire. This would also have resulted in an infusion of Israelites into the ancient Iberian population of Spain.
I would tend to doubt that Tubal had a role in the early inhabitants of Spain or that they would be present in Spain today. Ezekiel 38:2 prophesies that the modern descendants of Tubal will be a part of Russia’s mostly Asian “Gog-Magog” alliance in the latter days. The name of Tubal is preserved on a modern map by the names of the cities of Tobol’sk in Russia and Tbilisi in Georgia as well as the Tobol River in Russia and Kazakhstan. Secular geographic evidence and biblical prophecy indicate that the people of Tubal are located in Russia and Central Asia.