Shalom Steve
Which tribe come Polish, Ukrainians & slavic peoples in general, if they come from one of the tribes?
Daniel Álvarez Malo


Your question is a good one as the peoples of Eastern Europe are a mixture of many peoples. I believe there are pockets of Israelites scattered all along the Israelites’ several century-long migration path from the Caucasus Mountain/Black Sea region into Europe. Also, some Israelites from Nordic regions migrated back into the Ukrainian region after their ancestors arrived in Scandinavia. These Norsemen, called Varangians, migrated back into Eastern Europe/the Ukraine and are even credited by some sources with founding Kiev. The Varangian Norsemen reached that area in the 9th century. Catherine the Great of Russia (who was herself born a German princess) invited a large mass of Germans into the Ukraine so a Semitic group of settlers went from Europe into Slavic Russian regions in the 18th century. However, I do not believe that Poland, the Ukraine or the Slavs are mainly Israelite peoples. However, some are Semitic even though they are not “Israelite,” per se. Some East European/Balkan nations are likely descended from the sons of Abraham via Keturah.
My research has been devoted primarily to tracing the descendants of the Israelite tribes, but others have done more research into the origins of the Polish, East Europeans, and Slavic peoples. One such source is found in the Recommended Links portion of my website. Craig White, an Australian, has done considerable research in this field, and I recommend his works to you. His book, Origin of Nations, identifies many Polish people as Elamites for example. Craig’s website is: