Dear Manuel,
In my books, I note that not only did the Israelites travel to the New World, but they also colonized it. My books document not only the evidence re: which Native American Indian tribes descended from colonists (or refugees) from the ten tribes of Israel, but also which periods of time they likely arrived in the New World.  There was more than one such colonization period. On the other hand, archaeological and cultural evidence does not support a conclusion that all Native American Indian tribes are descended from the ten tribes of Israel. Many non-Israelite civilizations from the Old World and Asia also furnished many settlers into America. Given the very diverse linguistic groups among the Native Tribes, it is evident that they did not all come from the same language groups.
I’m familiar with II Esdras 13:40-45, and I examine it in my book series. This text indicates that a large body of Israelites escaped the Assyrian captivity and settled in a new land after they were exiled from the Promised Land. If they had journeyed to the New World, the account in II Esdras would have mentioned a vast fleet of ships as they could not go overland to the New World. No such fleet is mentioned. When verse 41 states they went to a “more distant region,” it means they went to a region “more distant” from Assyria, but it says nothing that they crossed an ocean to get there. Indeed, the account tells us the direction they fled. It states that God “held back the sources” of the Euphrates River so they could travel to their new region of habitation. They were traveling northward out of the Promised Land when they crossed the Euphrates River (not westward toward the New World). Verse 45 relates they arrived in “Arzareth” after a 1 and 1/2 year journey. Arzareth is associated with the Black Sea region of the Asian continent. It could easily take them that long to travel to a new region and get established given that they were traveling with millions of people, especially when you include the elderly, the young, their flocks and herds, etc. Abundant evidence supports the conclusion that the Sacae Scythians were descended from these very Israelites who escaped the Assyrian captivity and migrated into the Black Sea region.



You admit that many Israelite artifacts have been found buried all throughout north, central and south America. This you argue, proves that ancient Israelites travelled to the new world. Where you err is that you cannot bring yourself to point out the obvious, that the so-called native Americans are themselves the lost tribes of Israel. In there language, customs, and archaeology.
I would like you to read 2 Esdras 13, verses 40-45. In these verses G-d makes it crystal clear that during the Assyrian captivity the Israelites were led by G-d to a land where no man had dwelt, a trip that took a year and a half, were they would remain till the end of days.
Would love to hear your feedback on this.