Readers have seen a number of blogs monitoring the process via which “Babylon the Great” (identified in Revelation 18:3 as the modern alliance between corporate multinationals and government officials) is heading toward its prophesied collapse. There are more indications that this collapse is drawing nearer.

The first link below has a considerable amount of “insider” information worth reading, but I want you to focus on the section entitled “Interpol and the List.”  It describes a development not examined in the establishment media, but I did discuss this months ago in one of my blogs. Interpol, an international police force, has reportedly had agents on the ground in the USA for months “building a case against corrupt bankers,” and that about 30 US Government officials and Wall Street executives have turned “state’s evidence” to help the global cops build a case against other Wall Street executives. If this report is true, this investigation could lead to mass arrests on Wall Street and many charges being filed against the Wall Street executives who bilked the nation and Congress out of mega-billions of US dollars to bail out the big banks. This is a development worth watching, but very little information is emerging into public view about this investigation.

Goldman Sachs is regularly cited in media stories as the prime target of investigations of Wall Street’s conduct. The second link, from CNBC, reports that Goldman Sachs is “thwarting” an investigation by a US investigative panel. Do they have something to hide? The third link reports that Greece is considering suing Goldman Sachs due to its role in Greece’s financial traumas. A previous blog cited reported that Goldman Sachs helped Greece deceive other EU nations about the real level of its sovereign debts. The fourth link reports that Goldman Sachs financially benefited from its insider knowledge of Greece’s dire debt situation.

The final link, from USA Today, reports that a “congressional watchdog” blasted the US government for rescuing AIG in such a way that the money given to AIG was then given to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to bail out these Wall Street banks’ losing derivatives positions at a rate of “100 cents on the dollar.” The article reports the Federal Reserve played a role in this taxpayer-funded bail out of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Previous blogs have cited various media links examining the very cozy relationship between Goldman Sachs and the US Government due to so many ex-Goldman executives being placed in key US government positions. One media article coined the term “Government Sachs” due to this overlapping relationship between the US Government and Goldman Sachs.

While we do not know when the global financial/monetary system called “Babylon the Great” will fall, Revelation 17-18 guarantee that it will happen. Revelation 17:16 indicates that Babylon the Great’s system (also called “the Great Whore” in Revelation 17) will experience a very hard fall. Revelation 14:8 also mentions this prophesied collapse. We are seeing more and more cracks in the foundations that support the current global financial/monetary system of “Babylon the Great.” Its collapse is drawing nearer. I very much doubt that Americans will receive much of an advance warning from their establishment media about what the Bible says is a certain future event.