These links are not for the faint of heart. It will cause any reader a growing amount of concern after reading them, but I think it is the duty of anyone trying to serve in the role of a “watchman” (see Ezekiel 33:1-8) to inform others about this incredible information. Ask yourself; is your church informing you about these developments? We have all seen a plethora of media stories about the NSA spying on Americans, world leaders, and people all over the world, but these links offer much information about how you are being spied on in ways you would never have imagined. The information in these links reveal that new digital devices, toys, etc. are now designed to create a “wall-to-wall” surveillance and monitoring net around every company, person and family.

The first link reveals that a number of new digital devices have built-in features to monitor, record or listen in on what goes on in your household or place of work. It lists such items as the Google Chrome browser, a new “Hello Barbie” toy with a built-in mic and WIFI capacity, Amazon’s voice-activated program ALEXA, a Google-owned product called LABS, a security program which also turns your entire house into a surveillance tool to be used on you, and various other products as well. The second link has a lot of information in it so be sure to keep scrolling down to not miss any of its information. It dovetails with the first link’s information about how new digital devices are designed to spy on everyone who buys them. It even mentions Samsung now has a digital TV with internet connectivity which is “always on” so it can monitor what you say and do in your home. I’ll bet a lot of other new digital TVs can do the same thing. I wonder how many TVs are also watching you while you watch it. The above is just an hors d’oeuvre of the information revelations that are in these two links. Read these links before you buy and download WINDOWS 10.

The revelation that a Samsung digital TV can be designed to spy on you in real-time in your home is, I believe, alarming. The first link includes information that privacy advocates are objecting to these many invasions of privacy. I’d like to note that the US Constitution never could have envisioned our modern technologies or the existence of global multinational information companies. While the US Constitution forbids the government to invade your privacy in its Fourth Amendment, it’s a gray legal area whether that includes forbidding private entities to spy on everything you do and violate the Fourth Amendment at will. Even if Congress limits the NSA’s authorization to spy on you, it may well be that the private mega-corporations will spy on you continuously and the information will simply be passed on to the government–circumventing any Congressional limitation. Congress is good at pretending to “do something” about a problem instead of actually solving it.

I think the planning of universal monitoring of people via their computers, phones and digital mechanisms has been planned for many years. Remember a matter of years ago when the US Government forbid everyone to keep their analog TVs and required all their new TVs to be digital models? It may well be that the analog TVs could not br enabled to spy on people and so the government required a rapid switch-over to digital models to facilitate the mass surveillance efforts.

Given the information in the two links, you may wish to buy old-fashioned toys for your children and grandchildren such as Frisbees, older dolls, board games like Candy land and Chutes N’ Ladders, tricycles and big wheels, etc. For adult past-times, have you considered buying books you’ve always wanted to read?

Revelation 13:16-17 prophesies that the end-time “beast” power will be able to control all global economic and financial activities and transactions. To do that, they have to be able to monitor all such activities. Given this fact, the technology to monitor and control all kinds of other activities is inferred in this prophecy as well…and that is exactly what has happened. Daniel 21:1-4 prophesied that there would be a knowledge explosion in the latter days, and that prophecy has surely also been fulfilled.

One does wonder if an Internet “kill switch” will be applied to global communications at some point in the future. Amos 8:11 prophesies that there will come a time when there is a “famine…of hearing the words of the Lord” when people will seek all over to locate such words and information and none will be available to find. That sounds like massive Internet censorship is only a matter of time away. That could indicate that some day there will be a “kill switch” implemented which will allow only politically-correct propaganda approved by the beast power will be allowed on Internet and digital devices. In light of such a threat, I suggest that if you want to preserve your access to any information or links found at my (or any other) websites that you ought to print such links out or download them into your computer’s hard-drive or portable memory devices. Websites and links you take for granted today may disappear at some date in the future.

A friend alerted me to one of these links, and I wanted to acknowledge that gratefully.