Hi Steven, 


I hope everything is going well, and I like the new website. Question: In reference to the Terry Jones videos referenced here, are there any books that synopsize what is in his videos about the Celts and Goths.  Much of the videos tie into your four book series so closely it’s eerie, although he doesn’t touch on that subject per say.  His vids are fantastic.  But, are there any books.








Dear Chris,


Thanks for the positive feedback about my website and for noticing the Terry Jones’ video documentary links at my website. I have been remiss in not pointing these out these links to readers more often as they are both fascinating and educational. You are quite correct that these video links complement my books so well that it is almost “eerie.” The videos do not address the subject of ancient peoples from a biblical/ten tribes perspective, but they do confirm some of the historical facts of my book about ancient peoples in video format.


For those readers who have not done so, I strongly recommend that you take the time to watch the entire set of Terry Jones’ video series entitled “Barbarians.” To answer your question, Chris, they are based on the book, Barbarians, by Terry Jones and Alan Ereira (published by BBC Books in 2006). The links can be accessed by clicking the “contact” option and checking out the recommended “links.”


The Jones-Ereira book reveals, with excellent documentation, that the politically-correct view modern people are given about the Roman Empire, is patently false. What is taught in our schools is a critically-unquestioned regurgitation of ancient Roman propaganda. The Roman Empire was an empire which destroyed cultures, civilizations, massive ancient libraries, knowledge and technologies, etc. The video documentaries were first aired on satellite-TV and perhaps some cable TV systems. However, the series was quickly taken off the air (at least in the USA), it seems, because it dared to “tell the truth” about ancient history.


Readers of my books and website blogs will especially benefit from watching these video links as many of the civilizations discussed (Celts, Dacians, Goths, Vandals, etc.) were actually descended from the migrating/exiled ten tribes of Israel. The Celts were early inhabitants of Europe who descended from the colonies of the ancient Israelite/Phoenician Empire which were left “on their own” in the British Isles and on mainland Europe when the Israelite/Phoenician empire finally collapsed when Samaria fell to the Assyrians). The Dacians were one of the Scythian/Gothic tribes mentioned in my books. The Goths and Vandals were descended from the migrating Scythians and Parthians whose millions of refugees poured into Europe after the vast Parthian Empire collapsed in 227 AD.


Once you watch the Terry Jones video documentaries, you will realize that the people called “barbarians” by the Romans were not barbarians at all. These civilizations dismissed as “barbarians” in Rome’s propaganda were actually road-builders, excellent engineers and builders, craftsmen and artists, etc. The book, Barbarians, has much to say about the advanced state of the Parthians. He discusses (as I do in my book about Parthia) the ancient Parthian electric batteries and documents that the Parthians invented the “equivalent of super-glue” which enabled the Parthians to build “high paraboloid domes” via the use of “instantly drying cement.” Jones’ book notes that not only were the Romans unable to duplicate this Parthian technology, they lacked the ability to apply “quadratic equations and trigonometric curves” to architecture, a technique the Parthians had mastered.


I urge readers to do themselves a favor and watch the Terry Jones’ historical video links available at my website. For those wondering about it, this is the same Terry Jones of Monty Python fame, and while the videos are done as serious historical documentaries, they have a riveting message that the Roman propaganda-based, politically-correct view of ancient history is simply a “joke.” The truth is far more interesting!


Thank you, Chris, for giving me a chance to remind readers about these links!